Speed Camera Truth Project

Our Objective:

The overwhelming majority of our Members believe that Highways England (formerly the Highways Agency) are misusing “Smart Motorway” speed cameras to generate speeding ticket revenue for the Treasury.

In doing so we believe that Highways England are causing;

– Artificially generated congestion;
– A danger to drivers and passengers from the risk of multiple vehicle pile ups;
– Many drivers to receive undeserved speeding fines and penalty points;
– A lack of trust in overhead signage warnings on motorways.

In numbers, we have the power to petition the Government to alert them to what is happening on England’s motorways.

We aim for a change in legislation which holds Highways England to account over their use of “smart motorway” speed limits and speed cameras.

Step #1: Raise an objection with your local MP:

Raise an initial objection, remembering that the issue is not the individual MPs fault.

They can only act on our behalf if they are made aware of the issue so we strongly suggest keeping the contact polite and courteous for the sake of the project.

It’s best if the letter is in your “voice” but here is a standard letter to send them if you don’t have time:

> Letter to send to your local MP (Word doc)
> Letter to send to your local MP (PDF)

You can find your local MPs contact details here

Step #2: Follow up with your local MP regularly when you witness misuse of Smart Motorways:

The idea is to keep the issue fresh in their mind and not to bombard/harass them.

We suggest keeping these updates short and factual to avoid the perception that they are intended to harass the MP (which they are not).

Suggested letter / email / social media post to your local MP:


Further to my letter on (DATE), I wanted to update you with this report of what I believe to be the misuse of smart motorway speed limits.



There is no need to send a detailed response, I just want to keep you abreast of the ongoing issue.

Yours faithfully,

You can find your local MPs contact details here

Step #3: Send a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request to Highways England:

We need to let Highways England know that they are being held to account by the driving public by submitting Freedom of Information requests each time a misuse of the smart motorway temporary speed limits/speed cameras occurs.

Important: One “get out” that Highways England (Highways Agency) have used previously is to claim that an FOI request is “vexatious”. This means that they claim the intention of the request is not legitimate and is only intended to cause them irritation and inconvenience.

To avoid this, we must keep FOI requests polite and factual with no abusive language or accusations.

> FOI Form for Highways England (Word doc)
> FOI Form for Highways England (PDF)

Alternatively you can email your FOI request to: ha_info@highways.gsi.gov.uk

– Your name and email address;
– A clear statement of what information you are requesting;
– Best means of contacting you e.g. telephone numbe;r
– The format that you want the information in (e.g. electronic).

Step #4: Upload the responses and any findings you make for the community to view:

We aim to achieve a good weight of evidence that the smart motorway speed limits / speed cameras are being misused over the coming months. If the quality of evidence is good then we can present this to the Department for Transport and demand action.

> Upload your evidence and discuss with other Members