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As A DriveProtect Member, You Get The Following Benefits:

When you receive a Speeding Ticket or Summons from a Fixed or Mobile Speed Camera, or if you are stopped for Speeding by the Police:

1) Call our specialist Road Traffic Lawyers when you receive a Speeding Ticket (unlimited access)

Our Lawyers will establish if a procedural error has occurred in the issuing of your Speeding Ticket.

For example, they will look at whether all procedures were followed correctly, if relevant calibration certificates and training records were in place for the device that allegedly caught you, and if the “road furniture” complied with the Law.

If there has been any procedural error then they will liaise with the Safety Camera Partnership or Police to try to ensure that the ticket is overturned before ever reaching Court.

They will also work with you to discover if there is doubt that the alleged offence actually happened, or if there is doubt about who was driving. If there is, they will present this evidence to the Camera Partnership or Police and try to have the ticket overturned before reaching Court.

What to do next:

Request a Callback:


Call: 01843 232791

2) Representation at Court

Whether you believe that you are innocent of the alleged offence, can not be sure if you are guilty of the offence, or are guilty but wish to claim “mitigating circumstances” in order to keep your licence, our Lawyers will prepare your case and represent you at Court. Our success rates are amongst the very best in the industry for Speeding offences.