How To Beat A Parking Ticket (Funny!)

We got sent this video a few days ago by DriveProtect Member Ian Young.

It explains how comedien Joe Lycett had a parking ticket overturned.

I couldn’t stop laughing for about half an hour afterwards, so I thought you might also enjoy it!


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Camera sites “picked to make most money”

A city councillor, Sean Chaytor, has claimed that his local Safety Camera Partnership only install speed cameras where they will make the most money.

Mr Chaytor claimed that Safer Roads Humber refused to move a speed camera to an accident blackspot because of the amount of money it made where it was.

He said: “I wonder about the responsibility of this organisation when a former chief superintendent of police in Hull asked about relocating a camera from outside the police station in Clough Road, to an accident blackspot where there had been three serious accidents”.

“The response he got from the safety partnership was, ‘Well it makes enough money where it is, why should we move it?’ They weren’t interested in the casualties, they were interested in the money. This is disgraceful.”

He went on to say that the cameras facing away from the city of Hull only exist only to generate money.

“Daltry Street flyover in Hull is the highest income generating site in the entire fleet area. If it were taking vehicles and slowing them down coming in to the city I could understand it, but it is catching vehicles out of the city.”

Isn’t it refreshing to hear a politician stand up for what’s so obviously right to most people?

Perhaps if there were more like Mr Chaytor in positions of local influence who made a point of speaking up, the menace of speed cameras with the only objective of extracting money from our wallets would be wiped out?


Latest Speed Camera Scam?

I was driving back from seeing a friend at Heathrow on the M25 last Thursday evening when I witnessed this…

Just before J11 — the Chertsey exit — a temporary speed limit of 60mph appeared on the overhead speed camera gantry.

Then, on the very next one a few hundred yards later…

A 40mph limit…

Then, on the exit slip road for J11…

A 20 (yes, twenty) mph limit!

There are 2 important points here:

This was late at night (around midnight) and the road was completely clear. Very light traffic, and no workmen in the road.

These were not advisory speeds but actual speed limits, enforced by the variable cameras on each of the gantries.

Apart from the outrageous safety issues (I imagine you would agree?) of having cars suddenly decelerating from 70 or more to 20 on an exit slip road, there can surely only be one of two things at play here:

gross incompetence on the part of the Highways Agency or;

yet another scam to fleece Motorists of money at the *expense* of road safety — the very thing that speed cameras are supposed to stand for?…

But what I’d like to know is:

What do you think?

Leave your comments below!

All the best,


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Hi All,

We’ve had a barrage of questions since announcing the Concessional Rates for Pensioners and Annual Membership option on Friday.

The most common two questions have been:

1) “It’s not showing me how to select the Pensioners concessional rate! How do I do this?”

The signup page automatically calculates your age based on your date of birth. If you are over 65 years of age then the concessional rate will be applied automatically. You don’t need to select any options, just enter your date of birth here.

DriveProtect Concessional Rates

2) “How do I select an Annual Membership rather than monthly?”

Just fill in the signup page (name, date of birth, address etc.) and then click “Next”.

On the next page, you can choose “Monthly” or “Annually” using the blue buttons.

DriveProtect Monthly or Annually

I hope that’s all clear.. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

All the best,


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Speeding Ticket for 1mph over the speed limit?


Motorists in Scotland will face being prosecuted for creeping just 1mph over the speed limit under plans announced by the Police.

Previously a common “margin of error” has been allowed, which is often – but not always – 10% + 2mph.

That’s now going to change with Police saying that doing even 1mph over the speed limit will result in a ticket.

In England and Wales other forces are considering the possibility of following suit…

A spokesman for the National Police Chiefs’ Council said:

“If you are over the limit, you are breaking the law”. “Enforcing speed limits is at the discretion of individual chief constables.”

It appears to be another potential step towards a ‘Police State’ to me, where any and every minor demeanour is jumped upon and punished.

One relief is that this doesn’t appear to be a directive from government level as far as I can work out, but rather the Police throwing their weight around.

I’m sure that a lot of people in Scotland will be petitioning parliament to stop them when this is introduced…

All the best,


The consensus is overwhelming…

Well, it seems the consensus is overwhelming…

As of a few moments ago, 96.65% of BTST Members believe that the “war on the Motorist” did NOT end during the term of the last government.

In fact over 50% of us think it’s got worse!

BTST Member Poll Results
(the poll is here)

I have to say these results echo my personal view, but I didn’t want to bias the survey by saying that beforehand : -)

So what should we do about this?

You can post your answer/suggestions below…

All the best,


What do you think?

The Government are this month rolling out a system where Motorists can enter their guilty or not guilty plea online when charged with “minor” motoring offences.

It only relates to matters that go to court rather than the challenge of the NIP that we do for all DriveProtect Members to try to find any procedural errors, road furniture issues etc.

The idea is to free up the court system to “concentrate on more serious offences”.

My first reaction was what a cheek!

If the government insist on prosecuting us for these “minor offences” then why should they be able to bail out of the administration work involved?

But then when I thought about it further, I wondered if perhaps is is actually a good thing from our point of view, in terms of wasting less of our time in turning up at court or having to send a physical letter to plead guilty or not guilty.

Of course my real thoughts are why bother prosecuting “minor offences” in the first place?

With these proposed zero tolerance HADECS 3 cameras and the introduction of this new online system, it’s starting to feel like the start of a highly systemised approach to extracting cash to me...

But I’d like to find out what you and other Members think?

Please share your thoughts below!

All the best,


Dangerous Speed Camera Gantries

I know I’ve done a newsletter on this problem before at the start of September, but it really did hit me again over the weekend just how dangerous these overhead speed camera gantries are.

I was driving up to Northampton on Saturday just after mid-day and the traffic was running just fine on the 4 lanes of the M1 (if a little slowly for the conditions, at an average speed of about 68mph, due no doubt to the speed cameras every few hundred yards…).

Anyway, we’re all going along just fine when suddenly, the speed limit changed from 70mph to 50mph on one gantry, and on the very next to 40mph.

So that’s 70mph to 40mph in the space of 2 gantries (just a few hundred yards, or a few seconds of driving time).

Of course everyone (including myself) hit the brakes hard.

And…predictably, there was no accident to be seen on the road ahead.

I had a think about it and I could only come up with 3 possible explanations for this weirdness. Either:

   1) the speed cameras were on and they were trying to raise money to pay for the cameras;

   2) the speed cameras were off and the signs were being managed incompetently;

   3) the speed cameras were on and the signs were being managed incompetently.

   if you can think of another explanation, please let me know…

I know I’m using strong language here, but in my opinion peoples’ lives are at risk.

Sudden braking is what causes multi-car pile ups.

If it’s an accident then that’s one thing but if it’s because of these horrible gantries springing a new speed limit on drivers out of the blue, then that’s quite another in my opinion.

And it’s irrelevant whether the cameras are live or not. It’s the result of them being there that’s the point…

It seems like a terrible irony that pro speed camera groups talk about them saving lives but here we have what — to me at least — is a blatant high speed crash hazard being created in the name of safety.

All the best,

P.S. The solution? Well at risk of repeating myself, here’s my opinion as I proposed in a previous newsletter:

Get rid of the cameras and use the gantries for something other than collecting fines.

For example, they could display messages like:

“Breakdown in lane 1 ahead, please move to outside lanes”.

Drivers would then be concentrating on moving out of the way of the breakdown and safely backing off the speed rather than stamping on the breaks to avoid a speeding ticket, and thus causing further accidents behind them.

Deviously Placed Mobile Speed Trap?

Nottingham’s most profitable speed camera is a mobile camera van, which is located on The A52 “Clifton Boulevard”.

The speed trap generated a whopping 4,815 speeding tickets last year…

It operates in both directions of the 40mph dual carriageway.

But here’s the thing…

It’s conveniently located just at the end of an average speed camera zone, where motorists believe they are clear of the cameras, only to be immediately caught by the mobile van!

A local Speeding Solicitor has called for it to be replaced with a normal, visible speed camera, saying:

“Sometimes the van is partially obscured by a lamp post, so it is not surprising that people don’t see it.”

It seems to me like another strategically placed mobile trap, designed to extract money rather than to slow Drivers down in an accident blackspot, as Speed Cameras are supposed to do.

But what do you think?

All the best,


Maximum Speeding Fines Set To Increase To £10,000?

The maximum fine that can be imposed by magistrates for speeding is set to rise by up to 4 times under new proposals for England and Wales.

Under the new proposal, the maximum fine for speeding would increase from £2500 to £10,000…

Most offences that get heard in magistrates courts are subject to maximum fine levels.

Speeding is a “level 4”, which has a maximum of a £2500 fine.

We know from experience that magistrates’ tend to be quite trigger happy with convictions by comparison with qualified Judges, particularly when the person doesn’t have good representation.

If you appeal a guilty verdict, and your appeal is not upheld, the penalty is usually increased significantly.

The idea of this is to deter everyone from automatically appealing on the slim hope that they will get off.

The issue in my opinion is that motorists will be put off from appealing a speeding fine out of fear that they could be hit with a £10,000 fine if their appeal is not successful, meaning that more innocent drivers could be struck with motoring convictions and disqualifications…

I’ll update you if it looks like the proposals are going to get through.