Deviously Placed Mobile Speed Trap?

Nottingham’s most profitable speed camera is a mobile camera van, which is located on The A52 “Clifton Boulevard”.

The speed trap generated a whopping 4,815 speeding tickets last year…

It operates in both directions of the 40mph dual carriageway.

But here’s the thing…

It’s conveniently located just at the end of an average speed camera zone, where motorists believe they are clear of the cameras, only to be immediately caught by the mobile van!

A local Speeding Solicitor has called for it to be replaced with a normal, visible speed camera, saying:

“Sometimes the van is partially obscured by a lamp post, so it is not surprising that people don’t see it.”

It seems to me like another strategically placed mobile trap, designed to extract money rather than to slow Drivers down in an accident blackspot, as Speed Cameras are supposed to do.

But what do you think?

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  1. Sounds like entrapment to me….
    If the road is dangerous beyond the average cameras and therefore “requires” a further camera why not extend the average zone a bit.

  2. I’ve seen that one before and yes, the Police are getting more sneaky about positioning.

    You are correct, I too was under the impression that they were supposed to have a deterrent effect but they are being grossly misused as cash generators.

    Perhaps it’s time for a petition to get the traffic police separated out into an organisation where the senior officers are paid by results. i.e. higher road safety = big bonus levels and every crash/fatality/major road closure results in a reduction in their pay.

    I for one don’t like speeding and I hate being hustled by white vans and large Germanic machinery but these things are designed to exploit the places where there are other distractions and it’s easy to creep over the limits. It really is the behaviour of scumbags.

  3. Ok, so we know we mustn’t exceed the limit. Ok, we all know how dangerous this can be however, yet another example of the police pissing off motorists especially those who, like me and many others, are their natural allies. Really, with all the criticism they have faced over such issues in recent years, I thought and indeed hoped the police had learned their lesson. They obviously haven’t in Nottingham.

  4. If this speed camera was being used on an accident black spot why didn’t the average speed cameras include it in the first place. This PROVES that it is a money making venture!

  5. I agree,on my last trip up from Cornwall most of the motorway overpasses had a camera mobile van on them.

  6. If cameras are there to slow drivers down in order to avoid accidents then they need to be visible. If you are caught by a visible camera then you are driving without due care and attention and deserve to be nicked. This is blatant money raising.

  7. Ah well, this is one of just three forces told today (Tues 22 July) by HMIC that it ‘must improve’. It’s also the force that in 2010 was threatened with being run directly by the Home Office. Only the general election saved it. Has it improved? Not much, their officers and staff are always in official trouble with a lot of high-profile public sackings (3 reported this week . . .).

  8. I travel this road section several times a week,they operate on both sides of the carriageway, outbound as you come through a curved underpass next to QMC.
    Years ago they sat on the bridge taking you from behind, as they say….
    Also be aware of A60 though Bunny Notts old 40mph now down to 30 mph van parked in farm gate coming from Nottingham side last few weeks requested by parish council…….

  9. Is it the Police or is it the council?
    Police have to enforce laws whether or not they agree with them. (As we have to obey them). Maybe the positioning is down to the police, but who is really responsible? Either way its sneaky and unfair and a lousy way to make money

  10. A605 Stanground by-pass, Peterborough.

    I came over the brow of the hill on the west-bound carriageway of this road to be greeted by a camera van.
    I believe they were only doing tests as I’ve had no notice (that was five weeks ago) and there are no camera warning signs, but it looks like a likely hiding spot in the future.
    Very easy to speed on this road as it is the most unused stretch of road in the area.

  11. Yes, the aim is to bring in money, you’re exactly right. this ploy has absolutely nothing to do with road safety at all, but how can such an obvious con succeed as long as it has, without causing a mass protest from road users?

  12. I am another high milege car driver in the transport sector and recognise the need fo speed restrictions – however, someone ought to bring thses comments to the attention of the Chief Constable of Nottighamshire and other AOCPO members to clearly demonstrate how this approach brings law enforcement into disrepute

  13. As a member of the IAM, I see a need to educate many drivers in speed awareness. For that to be achieved, the carrot needs to be used and not the stick. Hiding speed cameras to raise revenue is counterproductive in the process.
    Part of the process is to encourage drivers to look out of the windscreen. Looking at a speedometer distracts from the lookout process.
    I frequently witness Police drivers exceeding speed limits while on non-emergency journeys. I frequently witness them overtaking on crossing zig-zags.
    Stop declaring war with the cameras!

  14. Is this mobile speed-trap laser or radar activated? I thought that all mobile traps were laser and could be jammed.

  15. I’ve been a member for a few years now and nothing surprises me anymore, except when I received a call from the company I work for as I was off sick. They received a summons from Hampshire Police stating that I had broken the speed limit on the A3 ( A duel carridgeway) at 72mph in a goods vehicle. The said vehicle was a Mercedes Viano People Carrier registered with the Public Carridge Office. Awaiting the summons to arrive so that I can contact your legal team. Still trying to work out how they state it’s a goods vehicle, maybe they are trying a new money gathering endeavour

  16. Nottingham is swamped with cameras most of them above your head and not really visible if you are paying attention to the other road users.Would seem that they are supplementing the government cuts with speeding fines.Cynical old me.

  17. It’s time for a different approach here. In any situation where so many motorists exceed the speed limit, the authorities must consider whether the speed limit is set too low. Limits used to be set by looking at the speed which 85% of motorists kept to when left to their own judgement. I know the A52, and this approach has certainly not been followed. Sadly, the last government abandoned this decades-old sensible policy on speed limits and allowed a free-for-all. Now cash-strapped local authorities and residents’ pressure groups set speed limits whilst ignoring motorists’ judgements on the roads in question. It’s time to revert to the tried and old policy for setting speed limits. The A52 should not be 40mph.

  18. but is it not in truth always about the money.
    If it were not then they would just warn people,bring it to there attention. The money is needed to provide the pensions for our over worked um. police . Must be tough sat in a van all day making money or booking people on yellow lines.

  19. Most forces are under funded now so it is easy peezy to collect more from the sitting ducks that motorists have become. Instead of cutbacks they have now a new post to fund as a chief constable is no longer deemed able to run his own force hence the police commissioner who does not come cheap!

  20. We see very few cameras outside schools or hospitals, the places they would be most useful as SAFETY cameras. Just goes to show that they are indeed cash generators.

  21. I travel to Nottingham quite frequently. As far as speed control it’s like driving through ‘check-point Charlie’ in that place, although Reading’s pretty bad too, esp bus lane cameras near the station.

  22. Yes, You’re exactly right. This ploy is concerned with only one thing and that is to bring in more cash. It has nothing whatsoever to do with road safety and that is what really riles people. But how can this con have been going on for all this time without it finally raising a mass protest from road users and those national organisations who pretend to represent road users?
    Let us start now with a petition.

  23. The fairest thing to do would indeed as Tim suggests be to extend the average zone *which has recently been inactive on the southbound side due to road widening.

    I’ve driven this route regularly for the past 10 years or so, and have only ever seen the mobile unit parked in a position to legitimately catch northbound motorists as they come over the dunkirk flyover out of the 50mph zone. There is nowhere safe for the camera van to park on the other side, so I doubt that enforcement of penalties with vision across the flow of oncoming traffic (which could create false readings) would comply with ACPO guidelines. However, with the new tram bridge now in place over this exact spot, police will have a much better opportunity to position a camera to trap the unwary in both directions.

    Be warned and start to look up at this spot too!

  24. How about just keeping to the speed limit? The only reason the government are making so much from speed cameras is that people speed. Slow down by a few mph, save your fines, save fuel and maybe even save a life!

  25. Totally agree with the above comments. It seems that the police and local councils are hell-bent on making a major industry out of speed traps, whilst bolstering their coffers. Whatever happened to balance and degree? Total indifference to the views of the public can only lead to further alienation. Proper evaluation of hazardous sites together with sensible management and full transparency would surely benefit all!

  26. Time we went back to 30 in towns 60 urban and up the motor ways to 85 mph no confusion arrrrr not much money to be made as no confusion less distraction less accidents as we can constatrate on the cars etc rather than always worrying about 20?30?40?50?60 some times on short journeys around towns

  27. I have seen no end of these bloody things hidden in the last week or two, especially with the great weather.

    Hidden behind lamp posts, hidden behind a tree on a bend that changes from national speed limit to 50mph, how does that help road safety?

    What I want to know is do we have any defence against the police strategically placing them where their is clearly no benefit to road safety? Or even where there is no black spot in the first place.

    Should we be taking photos of them hiding these vans and publishing them?

    I’m tired of being criminalised just because the police cannot catch real criminals and instead target easy motorists, it’s about time something was done about these illegally parked and hidden cash machine vans.

  28. The reality is that this again is just a ‘piggy bank’ and is totally out of order and unjustified.
    The police have come under fire recently and they do need all the good will they can get – do they not have any common sense at all….
    The main problem is that the police seem to like ‘soft targets’ where they have no aggravation and can achieve stupid targets……bring back the traffic cops so we can stop the use of mobile phones, dangerous driving, dangerous vehicles, no stop lights etc etc…..they have discretion as well which is something you don’t see much now.
    When will politicians and police realise they need the public on their side or am I just dreaming here..!!!

  29. Dom,what is a large Germanic machinery?I do hope its not the top notch cars they produce in Germany,which have more safety features than I could think of.

  30. If they want to generate cash then they should stop dishing out points I’m sure they would make a lot more money.

  31. If safety cameras are supposed to be placed on dangerous sections of road (in order to reduce casualties), the approaches to these and mobile units should be preceded with highly visible signs indicating that it is a dangerous section of road together with speed limit. Where a motorist is exceeding the limit a sign should flash to slow down well be the camera.

  32. Clifton Boulevard is a long way out of Nottingham on a dual carriageway – it should be 60 not 40 and that is part of the problem. I have a property on Castle Boulevard in town with a 30 limit but speeding traffic is commonplace. There are no cameras – why? The local authority claim it is not an accident black spot but it is incredibly noisy and very disturbing, Even a speed limit reminder screen would help hugely. The UK’s speed limits need to be reviewed and made far more realistic – I recently drove at 70 mph on the M1 and M6 with a nervous passenger and we were constantly overtaken with average speeds well into the 80s. This is perfectly safe in modern cars where people don’t tailgate of hog the middle lane!

  33. The Police arent entrapping anyone..unfortunately, as that would be a nice get out clause.
    People caught speeding on camera are enevitably usually guilty, regretably.
    However, let he who is without sin…etc, the Police on the otherhand, especially in the location referred to park their van on the pavement, if I were ever prosecuted/persecuted in such a manner I would be very tempted to take a private prosecution against the driver of said police vehicle for obstruction of the public highway.
    The Police are not above the law & have no right to obstruct the highway. If they break the law in going about Police business, they are individually guilty of & solely responsible for doing so, and are therefore accountable for their own actions as they were the driver of said vehicle at the time of the incident, no doubt they recorded the incident!!

  34. Why don’t the ‘plod’ concentrate on catching uninsured/untaxed/MOTless cars? Answer: Because the drivgers have no money to pay! DVLA just as bad with their “uninsured (but taxed and tested) car” garaged waiting for sale by a private owner after a cash purchase – all playiong in to the hands of the trade. Where are the RAC and AA previoius defenders of the motorist? Making money only. What about a Motorists Defence League, or everybody clogging the system by refusing to pay speeding fines unless they were well over the limit? Bring in the French to show us how to deal with bullying beaurucrats…

  35. When will all the devious excuses be removed from this government and future government road start any.

    I would like someone with a strong conviction to formally deal with roads policy in the UK, just like Ian Duncan Smith has hit the Benifits Culture in the UK.

    The UK needs FASTER SAFER roads that negate the need for “safety traps”

    Real investment in 80 mph motorways.

    Bring back a professional road traffic officers that can correct and deal with poor driving standards and cut out all the grey smokescreens!

  36. There is a mobile van in Torbay using sneaky methods often in 30 mph areas where there are virtually no pedestrians and driving visibility is perfect. Cash-cow motorists again.

  37. Phil above had it right. These vans are owned and operated by the Council not the police! I am advised that they do not need Police permission as to where they site them or put up camera notices other than on the van itself. Cash cow!

  38. This is most definitely a stealth tax, Government, Police and local councils are all at it. Just look at the way we are being hit for money. New bigger fines, more traps, more council laws, more yellow lines, less free on street parking. They are all in financial trouble but rather than tell us, they are taxing us by stealth methods.

  39. The best solution is for someone who lives in the Nottingham area to report it in the first instance to Chris Grayling, Justice Secretary, with copy to Theresa May, Home Secretary, and ask them “if they can inform you of the legality and is it how they, the Conservative Government, wish to be portrayed?” . . and would they like to Investgate the matter as the AA have said it is not quite with their own remit.”

  40. This is just a cunning entrapment – knowing that due to the extensive road widening and tram works in Nottingham by the time you get to Clifton Boulevard you will most probably be late and think all is clear!
    Wait until the football season starts on the 9th – it will get worse!

  41. I got done by a by van parked 10mt on the national speed limit side of A55 I was slowing down from 45mph to the 30 mph but it picture of doing 38mph
    just in the 30mph zone.What a rip off.
    contested it but got no where done the corse for £90.00 just a rip off.

  42. 1) I wonder if they are capturing both ways at once, if so they need two operatives to comply with the legal requirement of corroboration is mandatory by law(i.e You look, you see, you suspect, you check with the device) Not use it as a screening and capturing device. Many officer have forgotten those principles and their evidence falls down when challenged in court.i.e. You cannot look two ways at once hence two operatives needed and two cameras too.
    2) I know the A52 there but cannot imagine where this is exactly as I don’t go there much. Does it comply with one of many the ACPO PDSB guidlines i.e must be within 10 of the edge of the carrigaway being checked.
    3) Another guidline, MUST be overt.
    There are others such as the officer(s)must be trained, hold a certificate of competence and be employed regularly in this task. (Which they probably are)

  43. Try North Wales! thy are the best. I was caught on a hidden mobile camera on the back road to Llanduno. The police photo showed me just outside the 30 limit (I have a Roadhawk camera in my car)The camera was aimed at cars leaving the speed limit area. SAFETY CAMERA, MY A**E!

  44. That just confirms how devious and money hungry they are to prioritise money over safety.
    It’s a bit like on the northern part of the M25 between J23 to J21, where you’ve already gone through numerous average speed cameras due to the road works. You think you’re in the clear, yet there are more average speed cameras posted along without any kind of average speed cameras signs!, yet they are quite operational, so be warned.
    A simple flashing neon sign to slow down proved to be more effective in reducing speed and accidents over any speed camera.

  45. I too like a million others think that the revenue raising, often underhand tactics of the police to make money should be stopped . many now have little respect for the police involved in such activities I myself have less respect for these forces than I do for thieves or con men who are clearly criminals AND THEY don`t hide behind the law to make money from ordinary people. I was done for doing 36 in a 30 zone on the way into Liverpool, so you may say I deserve it for doing that in built up area where kids may run out and I would agree with you , but the 30 zone was on the main road into liverpool and its a 3 lane dual carridgway with huge wire fences that a kangaroo could could`nt get over and on a fairly straight road at that,I had missed the one set of 30 signs because I was going past a lorry so thought I was still in the 40 limit, I`m sure I am one of many its happened to. We need to to take action against this opression against drivers its not road safety at all its purely obtaining money under false pretenses.

  46. I concur with many of the comments. Erect an additional average speed camera or put in a ‘normal’ camera. Police are too thin on the street already and using them for speed trapping in this modern day & age is wasteful. If they are so dedicated to stop wrong things on the roads, start patrolling and catch thieves, uninsured people and overweight foreign lorries



  48. Sounds like the Bus Lane in Birmingham which the sign was illegal and the Council would not admit it until a load of people made their points about it. Yes this Tory Government should be informed about this money making speed trap.

  49. I recently had a speeding prosecution withdrawn because I told them that I was not there at the time of the alleged offence. Therefore either their equipment was faulty or the car in the photo was a clone. I said they would have to PROVE that the car photoed was actually mine. QED cost of prosecution greater than fine = drop it!!

  50. My answer to all your moans, is DON’T SPEED and you won’t be detected. It’s not ‘caught’, it’s detected.
    As a traffic cop for many years, I lost count of the drivers who moaned, “You’ve just cost me my job. I’ve already got 9 points!”
    Who put them there? NOT ME.
    Keep your foot off the gas and slow down.
    Oh! and leave the mobile phone alone too!

  51. If motorists didn’t speed these stealth cameras would’t earn a penny. Aren’t the police supposed to put up a sign somewhere telling drivers there’s a mobile camera in operation along that stretch of road. If they did and the motorist ignored it, it’s their own fault.I agree they’re getting craftier and that it’s only a money making venture but we all know the answer..DON’T SPEED!

  52. We all know they are cash machines, and we all know how to avoid becoming a victim. What about all of us being really careful for the whole month of August so we don’t give them a single penny?

  53. To quote John Langford, “This is most definitely a stealth tax, and They are all in financial trouble but rather than tell us, they are taxing us by stealth methods”.

    Unfortunately John, should they admit this, then they would be faced with a public demand that they ‘live within their means’. In my opinion what needs to be done is to ensure that central government takes command of the situation and ‘enforces common sense policies’ on both the police force and councils of all sizes. As successive governments over the last forty years have failed to do this, a new approach, or new party is required. This is one of the many reasons I support and vote UKIP. I urge others to do the same. Best regards, etc.

  54. I was caught in similar circumstances 3 years ago on Yorkshire moors. Drive for mile after mile and there as I slowed to go through Holme on Spalding Moor I drifted down to the 40 limit.Not soon enough though. I still have no idea where it was hidden.

  55. I have just been “caught” by a new camera van siting requested by residents,37 in a 30 or so they say, on discussions with my solicitor I am not entitled to see evidence unless I plead not guilt and go to court and suffer the consequences!!!!! so Any van can state any speed for any motorist and not have to supply evidence !!!!! so what chance have we got ????

  56. Just copped a £100 fine after a speeding offence in Nottingham in October last year. Opted for Awareness course but Ticket Office did not reply and got court summons in April this year. Attended Mansfield Court at my expense but NO COSTS awarded to Police for witnesses etc because of their lack of follow-up. Total racket in Nottingham .thank God I live in Derby!!PS.Just avoided texter dawdling across busy Nuthall Rd in N’ham. Watch for traffic light jumpers and our Ethnic brothers who stop suddenly anywhere!

  57. In my day I think a Judge threw out a case in the High Court calling it ENTRAPMENT. I think this is what is happening in Notts

  58. Many have drawn attention to the rules for placing cameras. My understanding is that there had to be a history of a few incidents caused by speeding before permission was granted. Some years ago on Parbold Hill in Lancs there were a few crashes and a camera was installed. However, locals know that all the prangs were by drivers speeding UP the hill and being caught out by a sharp left hand bend, and adverse camber, causing them to meet drivers coming steadily DOWN the steep hill. Guess where the camera was sited. You got it. Hidden just around that bend to catch motorists doing 35mph down the hill. Absolutely nothing to do with safety at all. All that the position required was much better signage to alert strangers to the bad bend in both directions.

  59. I was caught doing 35 mph by a mobile camera in a van which can only have been placed to generate money. It was situated on the A340 in Tadley, Hants. The van was only a few yards from a roundabout, the road was downhill and the van was obscured by trees round a bend in the road. There is no way that motorists would have been speeding excessively, so the camera was clearly positioned to generate cash rather than as a safety issue.

  60. I think it’s about time the police were made to Justify their reasons for having any mobile cameras hidden partially or fully out of site if it is not just to make money

  61. I think it’s about time the police were made to Justify the reasons for having partially or fully hidden cameras if it is not just to make money

  62. I am so pissed off with sneaky cameras these are popping up all over the place, vans on bridges over m4 why ?
    hand held cameras hid out of site behind bushes,vans sneakily parked just of a bend a few yards inside the limit , we all know these are just money generated reasons to hit us the public who are trying to make a living going about our daily duties.If you are in Wales working like me everyday just be aware these traps are springing up all over the place !!

  63. You are all so unreal. I hate speed limits, I would love to return to the old days, when the limits only related to built up areas……but it ain’t going to happen. This being the case, the only way to stop speedsters is to ensure that drivers do not know where they are. obvious cameras only slow traffic in the immediate vicinity of obvious cameras, the minute people pass the cameras they speed up. It’s ridiculous…. Best thing would be to increase the max limit to say 130 kph as in France, ensure that all urban speed limits are sensible, and meet the requirements of the area…..Then make sure that the cameras, are hidden and that they are frequently moved. I have a quick car, which I will soon be selling to be replaced with something that reflects reality….0 to 60 in 4.6 secs, 170 mph…..don’ make me laugh, those cars are useless..times have moved on lads…get real…. Colin Oldfield

  64. Provided there are clear signs showing the relevant road speeds for the particular area then the Police might have difficulty is achieving speeding fines. If one is a stranger to different parts of the country one can be caught out as often the speed indicator signs are missing or lost in overgrowth, most likely at this time of year. If you look on the internet the Police must say where they are going to be using mobile cameras on a daily basis. The worst entrapment is going into Aberdeen be warned! They have a camera hidden behind the City speed sign on the dual carraigeway which is a 60 mph!!

  65. They are nothing but a bunch of devious thieving BASTARDS. Gateshead even Brag how much money they make off speed traps. they are literally all over the place. BASTARDS

  66. all of you, literally all of you, just need to keep to the speed limit. then you will have nothing to complain about..simple…….Ray…I.A.M. F1rst

  67. More and more we see drivers being persecuted to foot the bill for more serious ineffectual policing. Imagine this scenario : you accumulate 12 points for minimally speeding and dont appreciate the consequences or bother to fight the convictions. You know face being disqualified from driving and if this happens and you either havnt understood the summonse to appear or dont receive it you will be disqualified in your absence… You now move unknowingly int the criminal category whereby if you are stopped by a policeman for any reason whatsoever, you will be arrested as a criminal. Your vehicle wil be confiscated and possibly crushed. You will have to attend court very soon afterwards and you will be eligible to receive up to 6mths imprisonment a £2000 fine or both + youve lost your vehicle …All because you committed a minor traffic offence which escalated. When youve been sentenced and sit awaiting transportation to prison the court above will possibly be dealing with the next defendant lets say a middle aged male with a record for accosting females…(A henious crime indeed to most) He pleads guilty and demands help because he cant help himself after a bottle of vodka daily and yes youve got it he will probably be sentenced to attend counselling once a week for 6mths…. Justice is done !!!!!!!

  68. I know this camera location well it is just after the underpass on the ring road outside of the hospital (there is no pedestrian access here so not for that reason)
    If cameras are not to raise funds then can someone tell me why the average speed cameras on this road were not connected for two years? They were installed and had the effect of slowing everyone to no more than 40mph, so they did the job? Two years later they laid ducting and cables between the cameras.

  69. @Neil Vaughan
    This speed trap has been in this location for over 10 years so it’s not a Conservative government thing.

  70. The only way behaviour like this will be changed is by cutting off the cash supply ie EVERYONE refuses to pay fines and penalties for speeding/parking etc, the courts would become so clogged up the whole system would collapse.

  71. The best solution is to stick to the speed limit. You get to the end of an average speed camera section and put your foot down? You deserve to get nicked.

  72. If you can’t see it – it should not be Legal.
    Deliberate entrapment
    is a sneaky un-nescesary Trick.
    Put a cardboard Policeman in front of it.
    The kind that the Eyes follow you.
    That will Slow you down & make you think twice.
    Is it a Danger zone or just a money Zone.
    Use Variable speed Systems that can be operated at Various times, depending on the amount of traffic, They are Fair, & don’t need someone Taking the P***.

  73. Most speed limits are set too low. The police prove the point every time we see them drive without blue lights on far in excess of the speed limit. Human reaction time is the same and the laws of physics (unlike parliament law) apply to police patrols
    the same as the rest of us. If above-limit speed was dangerous as advanced drivers they would be the first to avoid it. Plus, speed is rarely a cause of accidents, if we were serious about reducing road casualties then we’d focus on the causes. Why does it take a death before a prosecution for dangerous driving is made? Perhaps that’s why road casualty figures are going up.

  74. Who is the better judge of appropriate speed – you and me at the time and the place, or limits fixed by absent regulators? BRAKE! would claim that freedom to decide your speed based on context would be a licence to drive without due care and attention. On the contrary, it’s a blueprint for driving with true care and attention.
    Martin Cassini

  75. These people are modern day highway men .They are slipperier than snot on a door handle, so it`s up to Joe Public to be wise to their tactics.

  76. Clearly it has been placed there because they know that motorists speed up once they believe they are past the average speed camera trap.It appears that the mentality of the speeding motorist should be in question and not the placement of the camera van. Also that must be a very wide lamp post to conceal a camera van. No excess speed, no fine. It’s not rocket science

  77. Just another example if taxing the easy targets. Nothing at all to do with road safety and all to do with revenue generation. Repugnant. Police should deal with serious crime like grannies being mugged, or pensioners raped.

  78. Surely the answere is for us all to calm down, stop speeding and to obey the law.
    Then they won’t make any money and the problem will go away.
    I know it will never happen, but it’s logical.

  79. Seems simple to me. Just stick to the speed limit and it doesn’t matter what camera’s are where does it ?

  80. Not surprised by this. In march 2009, entering Howden in East Yorks just off the Motorway. I was caught by a mobile unit using an unmarked Treg brown Ford Transit van. Just as sneaky and totally unacceptable in my view.

  81. I have twice seen such Mobile Camera van parked directly underneath and between the mounting posts of a Major Traffic Roadsign,in fact the Van would be or almost be parked on the public footpath! This site is just minus of and Opposite to the QMC Hospital and is catching out Motorists coming over the Dunkirk Flyover and those accelerating onto the ring-road from the Dunkirk roundabout beneath! Both routes are leading onto a 40mph RingRoad; One a 30 to a 40, the other a 50 to a 40.
    The main thing here is the matter of Camouflage, camouflaging the Camera Van into the Vista of the Large Reflective Roadsign beneath which the Camera Van sits!

  82. It’s always been about making money anyone who believes different is deluded.Parking fees are
    killing towns for the same
    reason.The only way to stop accidents is stop moving

  83. hi all I have read a lot of comments regarding people being caught speeding and tactics of police.Also the ones where the people how say people deserve to be done for going over the speed limit which is true as well, everyone at some point has went over limit weather it is by 1 mph or 100mph so we are all guilty and it may just be at that time and place we get caught so the ones who say we deserve it ,it might just be your turn next then well see if you have the same opinion then of the police. Driving is all about common sense you could take any road in a built up area which is a30mph road change it to a 60mph road and common sense experience tells you that you can not do that speed but the same road which is 30mph dosnt matter to someone who has no sense they will do 60 no matter which leads me into my next part of common sense and policing there is a police trap in my area which is a radar one with traffic officers who should have more sense you would think than most there trap about 400 yards down the road from a kids swing park with a hugh opening no gates on it pavement separate it from main road if their aim is road safety surely they should be in front of park entrance instead allowing you to go over speed limit in worse case running a kid over to achieve there targets before people say you should keep to speed limits the limit is 30 so even keeping to limits is dangerous here if you don’t know the road. Lets go deeper why allow the manufacturers to build cars that exceed speed limits they make cars that stop quicker than they ever have the only thing you cant change is the main problem humans so stop building them so quick but they cant because of the money generated its all about money.

  84. To those of you who say slow down and you won’t get caught. Get real people. What do you think the authorities will do if the cameras stop raising money because people are obeying the speed limit? They will REDUCE the speed limit of course

  85. I have finally got a clean licence after being nicked on several ocassions by cameras never doing more than 10%+2 over. Can I suggest that Adam start an on line petition about this. Doesn’t t have to be debated in Parliament if over 1000 signatures? We can all then tell our MP’s what our reaction will be at the next election unless they vote for sanity and not blatant rip offs.

  86. Cardiff: emerging from Crown Way onto North Road, turning left to go into the city. On the left hand side of the corner is a large traffic control sign controlling the changes in lane priority for morning and evening traffic. Hidden behind that is a 20 mph restriction sign – which you cannot see from Crown Way. less than a hundred yards down the road is a lamp-post bearing the 30 mph sign, so this partially hidden sign is only for a hundred yards. Watch out for it.

  87. Why are we surprised this has been going on for too long now not to moan but my wife’s car was stolen off our drive after breaking in scumbag had 21 other convictions taken into account he got 12 month conditional discharge and community service (we have never seen the car again) I got 3 points for three years problem is our laws are designed around finance and tax

  88. I know this road well, as I live not far from it.
    I know people say keep to the speed limit and you won’t get a fine.
    These sneaky vans are becoming more of a hazard than actually speeding !!! On numerous occasions I have had people slamming on their brakes at the last minute, causing the cars behind to have to do the same. You will always get one person not paying attention and they end up swerving across my path to avoid rear ending someone !!!
    There is no footpath on this part of the road and no reasons why it can’t be 50 or 60mph limit.
    This is just a blatant cash cow !!!
    This is just another stealth tax on driver’s and one thing guaranteed in life, YOU WILL ALWAYS PAY TAX !!

  89. Nottingham A52 about 50 metres from 50 mph limit the new position for the speed cam raking the money in. It is a new position over the canal. This has not been seen before and is scraping the barrel.
    Is it correct that the system would collapse if all who got a NIP ignored it ?

  90. I have today videoed the
    speed camera van 50 metres
    from the 50 limit sign on the A52 known as Clifton Boulevard going towards but 1000 yards from Clifton Bridge.
    This is a new position and is far more blatant than when the position was near the Queens Med.
    The 40 mph repeater signs are not compliant with the DFT legislation so the sooner many many people challenge the diabolical tactics which is screwing drivers out of money but worse rubbishing their licenses in the name of accident reduction.
    Every one should look at the video in any case on you tube where a scamera van is videoed & quite rightly -they are not police but they most definately are liars and cheats.
    Why has this extortion not gone National long ago is totally beyond reason.

  91. Further to your comments Mickulmus the van doesn’t even capture the vehicles. There’s a camera on a grey pole like a road light right in the middle of the Dunkirk flyover on each side of the carriageways. So they see you way before you see the van. How legal is this? There should be a average speed camera there instead but then it wouldn’t be a high fine generator would it.

  92. This camera got me and I had to go back 3 times to find any signage to say that the speed was 40mph, eventually i found a 40 sign, smaller than the others and very close to a previous 50mph sign. Ok I was going 54 and I shouldn’t have been rushing but it’s meant that I couldn’t even do a speed awareness course. I’m not from Nottingham so I’m not familiar with the road. It’s been a year a half since I got my points and there are now way more signs saying 40mph than back in March 2015.
    Does anyone know of anyone having points revoked here? They’ve definitely put up more signs and it makes me think that it must have been because of previous complaints.

  93. The mobile camera is at the position stated 50 metres from the 50 MPH limit on the A52 Clifton Bvd. It is there often twice in one week and the fact that it will be there is not publicised either and that fact should confirm something?….

    It is futile complaining as I have done and the partnership will still give out the excuse it is for accident reduction…. bolox….

    When I have the opportunity if I see someone driving carefully at 47 mph in those outer two of the three lanes I invarably
    am in front of them to
    enable them to escape a problem at that point. That point is usually to the uninitiated as the driver immediately descends the last hump
    of the Dunkirk flyover which is some 290 metres from the cretins parked blocking the cycle/pedestrian path.
    I note some of these scamera vans have a yellow light atop seemingly a works van!
    Three drivers phone numbers who do not work would be nice to do as I do keep to 40 to 43
    in front of anyone seen to be speeding up therefore precventing them from having a problem and it is legal.
    Totally the opposite to the cretins who flount many laws and cause a hazzard to pedestrians and cyclists as seen in the You Tube video at the spot mentioned…..
    I’ll keep my eye on this article to see if there are any takers?

    Comon ADAM

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