1 in 3 British Motorists Fined Each Year…


A study just out has uncovered that nearly one in three Motorists are being fined every year in the UK for Speeding.

As many as 12 Million drivers receive a penalty notice each year. That’s one every two and a half seconds.

These speeding fines are bringing in more than £800M in revenue.

And that’s excluding the additional revenue ‘earned’ from the 1.2 Million drivers who are railroaded in to attending for profit speed awareness courses…

The study was conducted by Dr Adam Snow, a lecturer in Criminology at Liverpool Hope University.

He also discovered that that Eight Million parking fines are issued by Councils each year, while 2.5 Million Motorists are penalised for using bus lanes.

We know from numerous DriveProtect and BTST Member reports that this is often merely due to running slightly over the bus lane line to — for example — avoid someone turning right.

Dr Snow calculated that Councils in London alone raked in more than £371M from issuing parking and traffic fines.

The figures cover March 2015 – March 2016 and include fines from Fixed Penalty Notices and Council issued Penalty Charge Notices.

Dr Snow thinks that the record number of fines are due to the introduction of more automated speed camera technology as seen on “smart motorways”.

Anyone who actually drives on these motorways will surely agree that the complete and utter — some would say fraudulent — mismanagement of these variable speed limits is at the route of the problem.

I wonder how long it’s going to be that — as happened in Spain some years ago — the Government and Councils become reliant on this revenue and blatantly accept that it’s a revenue generation method rather than having anything to do with serving the public?

Perhaps that’s already happened…

Dr Snow:

“I hope this report provides the start of that debate about the acceptability and appropriate place for automation in road traffic enforcement”.

Ahmen to that…

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  1. It would be illustrative for the fines to be broken to speed bands, for example how many are caught doing 60 in residential streets against those essentially catching themselves by camera with minor speed infringements – there seems to be more interest in fining these individuals than one lunatic firing themselves up the road – perhaps the police can clarify who is the greater risk to road safety.

  2. I Just got a ticket from a mobile cam. It was parked where there are double central lines. Should they not give themselves a ticket.

  3. Not only speeding tickets making a lot of money for them,also parking fees raking a lot in for the government.

  4. I don’t think this report is anything that most motorists didn’t already know, we drivers have always been a soft target for our greedy Police force and Councils and with the squeeze that central government have on the Councils it will only get worse, probably a fine just for starting our cars.

  5. I am 81 and only do 2000 miles a year. BUT, if I did get a ticket could I then join Drive Protect??

    1. Hi Neril

      You could, although if you think it’s likely you may get a ticket it would likely be cheaper to join in advance. If you want to go through the numbers feel free to give us a call or email 🙂

  6. Ì agree. (As do a lot of people that i speak to) The cameras are just a revenue making exercise for the government. We should be doing more to confront this. The monies collected certainly aren’t being spent on the up keep of the roads. So where exactly is all this money going ?

  7. I understand that Thamesdown Borough Council, some time ago, removed all their speed cameras as they felt the revenue generated constituted an unfair tax on their residents.

  8. The conflict of interest has to be removed.

    We need a campaign to segregate ALL fine revenue from all levels of government. Perhaps the money could be put into a fund to compensate victims of uninsured and/or hit-and-run motorists.

    There is also a problem of perverse incentives for private parking management firms. There is a case for regulating the contracts to be flat fee only with no element of commission.

    Kickbacks from “speed awareness” and similar courses should be outlawed. Where run by the fining authority, the fees should, again, go into a fund inaccessible to any level of government.

    Politically, the above would be difficult to oppose because it tackles one of the most popular criticisms of the current system – the injustice of the judicial system profiting from punishments it metes out – while leaving the power to fine intact.

  9. And now, on the so-called Smart Motorways, certain Hadar Cameras are live even when there is no posted speed limit shown on the gantries. I saw them flash drivers on the southbound carriageway near Droitwich on an empty M5 on Saturday night,The motorways are smart all right- smart at raising revenue to pay for themselves. It’s shocking.

  10. So, 1 in 3 drivers are incapable of being aware of their environment and/or their speed. If you do speed, and you get caught by a speed camera, then you are a crap driver and deserve the fine. You should have seen the damn thing and slowed down.

  11. I was prosecuted earlier this year for speeding at 93mph in a 60mph average speed zone. I had the photos from the police stored on my phone. I just happened to look at them again closely and realised that the entry car picture was my car and the exit picture car was a different car. The cars were the same make, the same model, the same colour and the same size, the only difference in the numberplates is that my car ended with an O and the other car had a D. I was fined and given a 7 day driving ban. my lawyer has now represented the evidence back to the police and see what they have to say? SPECS are definitely not accurate and are not 100% reliable

  12. All these fines are now just part of the tax system, the police etc are now simply tax collectors, in uniform.

  13. It is time the “regulatory” authorities were a bit more honest!!! Admit that these fines are all about revenue and revenue and remove the authority to issue penalty points. If the offence is bad enough to warrant penalty points then it goes to court! The courts would get so over burdened that only serious cases would be processed!

  14. I am lucky to have a speed limiter in my car and use it regularly especially when driving in any area I am unfamiliar with. However, I am aware of a number of situations where one may get caught out and feel rather cheated. These include:
    Frequent change of speed limits where the nature of the road itself has not obviously changed, e.g the North Circular in London. Having more consistency which probably implies a lower overall limit would potentially help
    Overtaking motorway middle lane hoggers who are cruising below the speed limit – I thought there was supposed to be a clampdown on these drivers but I have certainly seen no evidence of it. I notice than in most of Europe drivers are much more into pulling back after overtaking. Why?
    Being pushed into breaking the speed limit on motorways by tailgaters who are happy to speed. Again I see no evidence that there is any clampdown on such bad drivers.
    Ultimately, I think we feel unfairly treated for speeding because we see so much other bad and dangerous driving that never seems to be tackled.
    As for parking fines, it is in the nature of having insufficient parking provision at sensible costs. I’d love to know how the government thinks all those people who have to park on the street and waste ground, etc. are going to charge their electric cars!

  15. ANPR is not 100% reliable. The other week exiting Gatwick long term car park the exit barrier gave “failed to read number plate” message.
    I pressed the assistance button, the Mk2 human eyeball of the operator took over & the barrier raised
    Not the first time I have had an ANPR problem just the most recent

  16. I opted for a speed awareness course after being caught by a speed camera doing 36 mph in a 30. There was a lady caught doing 33mph in a 30. Both of us caught in North Wales where there is zero tolerance

  17. This is blatant money grabbing and why is our infrastructure so poor, it should be one of the best in the world all the money their generating it’s scandalous and these smart motorways are really not necessary,as far as fining people unless tail gating,excessive speed etc.people have had enough.why dont we all rebel t.gether and stop paying car tax.makes my blood boil especially as the roads are appauling.no money to do repairs..well HELLO WHERES IT ALL GOING.the police won’t come out to investigate burglaries but they can sit in patrol cars and go up and down the motorway catching vulnerable Motorists

  18. I was caught doing an alleged 83mph on a dual carriageway on a Sunday morning with no traffic around and no visible camera..I have a speed awareness course in November. I am told I can’t challenge the speed unless I go to court. Frightening they can do this.
    How do I join Drive Protect?

  19. Those figures are shocking! 1 IN 3 BEING FINED! COMPLETELY SHOCKING! I mean, just think about it for one minute … before now, all these criminals were getting away with it.
    Don’t be a sucker – if you don’t want a fine, STICK TO THE BL**DY SPEED LIMIT!
    Jeez – some people.

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