Best Testimonial Yet?

I just received this email from Jim Henderson, who is a DriveProtect Member:

Mr James henderson
(Address removed for privacy)

To whom it may concern

I spend a lot of time on the road in my capacity as a courier / driver, I enjoy my work and I really like being out on the road, but like most people, there are other things to look out for apart from other drivers and pedestrians. By this I mean speed cameras, speed traps, average speed limits and police cars!

I’d already picked up a few points in the beginning of the year by flouting the limit in a section of roadworks.

After I got stopped, I decided to become pro-active and installed a sat nav with live traffic and speed trap updates.

However, I was still concerned about gettin stopped if I took my mind off the ball.

This is when I first came accross the drive protect website.

At first, i was sceptical.

The advertising looked good, the service provided looked even better but I still wasn’t convinced.

Then back in may, i had another close call and decided to try drive protects services. What could I lose, except a small monthly payment for peace of mind?

Upon contacting drive protect I was asked to provide details of my licence, driving history ect and all seemed reasonable. I duly set up the direct debit for the payments and forgot about it.

Later in the year I got stopped again. This time I received a lot more points than I expected, then almost a month later I was stopped once again. Every time by a covert speed camera held by an officer parked somewhere obscure.

Now if I had seen a bright yellow jacket I would have been looking at my speed, sometimes just the sight of a police car is enought o get most drivers to slow back down to 70!

By the time I had seen the police car it was too late. I was duly booked and processed.

i got straight on to drive protect.

This was much easier than I expected, I was advised to be represented in court by drive protects own legal team. I went to court and met with my brief. She was very knowledgeable and confident and did a sterling job even though as it turned out the magistrate had already made his mind up what to do.

So I got banned.

This is when I was convinced that there would be some loophole or reason not to cover me.

Not so!

Immediately I was told, after checking a few details, that I would be covered for all my transport costs.

Still doubtful, I collected all my train tickets and taxi reciepts and posted them near the end if the month. Within a day, I received an email confirming that my receipts had been received and that my bank would be credited accordingly!

I’m still amazed.

This company really does look after its customers. Pain free registration, super friendly staff and meticulous attention to detail make these guys the ones you need on your side if you drive. So that’s most of us!

At last, a way of covering yourself against losing your licence.

I can wholeheartedly reccomend drive protect if you want to make sure your life isn’t turned upside down by this country’s ridiculous points system.

Jim Henderson

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