Councils to Enforce Motoring Offences in 2017?


Under a new proposal put forward to the house of commons, councils across the UK could be handed new powers to fine motorists for minor motoring “offences”.

If approved by MPs in the New Year it will mean that the enforcement of “moving traffic offences” will switch from the Police to councils.

Currently this system of council enforcement is only allowed in London boroughs, due to some legislation passed more than a decade ago.

One council “money trap” in Fulham — Britain’s most lucrative box junction — has made more than £12 million in fines over the past 7 years.

In another area of London, a bus lane camera earned the council £525,000 after just one week of operation!

Councils outside of London can only currently fine motorists for either parking violations or for entering a bus lane.

However, that’s all set to change if the proposal is approved.

The AA have said they think the new powers would see hundreds of new CCTV cameras go up across the country as part of a new “war on motorists”:

“The real problem with a proposal like this is that once local authorities get the powers and start pulling the cash, they get addicted.

“They get dependent on the cash and even when flaws in their traffic management are revealed they have no desire to change it, as the cash will dry up.”

The MP and roads campaigner, Charlie Elphicke said: “This a terrible idea and will see councils using motorists as a cash cow.”

“Giving the councils total control of when and how to fine millions will be too big an opportunity for them.”

Councils across the UK are currently averaging £4 million a day from parking fines (which is one of the two “offences” they are already allowed to enforce).

Howard Cox from FairFuel commented: “This sounds like nothing more than a money raising scheme to replace Government shortfalls in local funding.”

But what do you think?

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  1. This is horrifying!!! Im damned sure Ive already suffered at the Fulham Junction box ( i was nudging the very outside line)

    S T O P this from happening

  2. We need a national day of action where all motorists remove their registration plates. They can’t nick us all.

  3. day light robbery they and the goverment are brining this country to its knees and soon it will break in to the war of the moterest

  4. This so typical as both the police and the councils see us motorists as an endless money pit.

    The police mobile safety speed cameras are always located at the bottom of a hill where they will catch most vehicles speeding, yet have never seen an accident in that location and I thought the location of any mobile camera had to be justified.

    What really annoys me is that I pay my car tax yet I’m still driving on roads full of pot holes and those badly fitted man hole covers and my car tax seems to go up every year, they really are a bunch of muppets.

  5. I think it’s a bad decision to let council be in charge of fining motorists. They will get greedy and make life a misery for drivers

  6. Policing in Scotland is a devolved matter and would require a separate act of parliament in Scotland under the Scotland Act 2016.

    As Councils in Scotland are Devolved

  7. Terrible news. Just another way of taxing motorists; but what do you expect?
    Fight back. When election times come round and candidates knock on your door begging for your vote ask them their manifesto promise on this subject and press them to answer making it clear that unless they commit to fairness for motorists your vote and that of your family will go elsewhere.

  8. If you have ever been given a parking ticket in error, you will know how difficult it is to get it put right, Imagine what it will be like when they have potentially thousands of wrongful mistakes to put right. AND the biggest worry will be if they are allowed to give penalty points!!!

  9. think I’m gonna need James Bond style rotating number plates 🙂 . The zealousness of the traffic wardens will now be matched by the camera operators or those who review the automatic photos, I used to love driving now I hate it but public transport for me is not an option.

  10. It’s about time motorists fought back. The motoring organisations must do more. At the moment they seem just to mouthing their concerns whereas more direct action is needed.

  11. I completely agree that this is little more than a revenue-generating scheme – and the councils will suddenly find the funds necessary to obtain and deploy the infrastructure required to facilitate such a scheme.
    Please can someone (38 Degrees?) start a campaign to try to stop this expansion of the ‘war on the motorist’.

  12. Police are allowed discretion. If allowed the councils will only allow black and white. This is a ridiculous, and probably, unfair idea.

  13. This is another disgusting “stealth tax”. Councils are notorious when it comes to issuing fines in an attempt to raise funds. This will encourage them to go for ‘broke’. Motorists must fight back.

  14. As Howard Cox’s says
    “This sounds like nothing more than a money raising scheme to replace Government shortfalls in local funding.”

    From a bankrupt Government should we expect more?

    Lets hope someone starts a petion to stop this!

  15. It is indeed time motorists fought back. Does anyone know how to get a petition on to the Downing Street website….? 100,000 signatures and it has to be debated in Parliament.

  16. This is really sad shame on government making money from parking fines & making more difficult life’s for motorists

  17. “This sounds like nothing more than a money raising scheme to replace Government shortfalls in local funding.” I agree completely

  18. Yet AGAIN, the motorist is punished, my insurance has gone UP my tax has gone UP
    my fuel has gone UP
    damage to my car (potholes)
    has gone UP.
    and now THIS!!!
    what a bunch of robbers (dick turpin ) comes to mind..

  19. It is a principle of honest government that you separate the decision making from the profit making. Linking the two, whether it be within the police or within councils can only lead to corrupt decision making, bringing the law into disrepute.

  20. This can not be allowed to happen. A full blown campaign similar to the Fair Fuel model needs to be set up. We KNOW councils will abuse this like everything else. It will kill town centres as people will no longer drive there.

  21. If this will stop council tax increases and a reduction in council staff earning over £60k a year, then I’m all for it!

  22. Action by motorist organizations against these proposals is a must. we pay enough monies to the local councils already

  23. What a disgrace we motorists need to
    Stop filling up for a day and get the message across that we not going to
    Stand fir this nonesence.

    Let’s hit them hard. All transport should get together even taxi on s week end and go on strike and see how the council handle that.

    It looks like that drivers like getting shafted but will do nothing.

    We have the power to tell these muppets
    What we want to do.

  24. If this crap got passed and allowed to come into force,what is needed is for people to remember these are statutes. and NOT enforceable unless you agree to contract with the council. We are SUPPOSED to CONSENT to be governed., by what ever statute the government wishes to impose on us. So no consent = no contract.

  25. Contact your MP and object in the strongest terms to this unfair proposal. We pay enough for the dubious privilege of using public highways already!

  26. Do what Dave Dibble says . . Make your MP stand up for you . . that’s what he’s there for.
    I think Chris Grayling is the responsible minister so tell your MP to give Grayling a bit o’ stick.

  27. Yes the trouble with councils is that they are supposed to be governed by councillors, who are elected to serve the people, but because of their laziness, free reign is is snatched by the council officials who work only to safegaurd their own highly paid jobs. Bureaucrats are not who any of us vote for and its about time that councillors remembered their purpose.

  28. It is no surprise to me that the “elected” Council will screw any of the populous who actually voted for them in order to raise cash to feather their own little ideas. The motorist is forever the easy touch.

  29. I think it time the worm turns, so to speak. These cameras and paid for by our taxes. It’s totally wrong, the motorists need to fight back. The country is in need of civil war. This country is not a pleasure to live in!

  30. I have experienced a number of occasions where local council bureaucrats and officials have overstepped their authority. Jobsworths who regard a ‘clipboard’ or these days, a tablet gives them unfettered authority over the public with no leeway or consideration for fair play. This proposal is yet another nail in coffin that will consign freedom and self determination to the laugh and tear up file. There is no way that this proposal should be given any chance of being adopted. Another problem is that the time delay between the colour changes on traffic lights have reduced thereby, at a driven speed of 30 MPH or under in a 30 limit, a driver could be too near the junction to stop safely when the light changes. It seems there is no regulation regarding standard time delays. Just another way of trapping the motorist.

  31. Purely a money making scam, I wouldn’t want the councils to have that opportunity, just have a look at the recorded behaviour of the people on the councils….Even the chief of police have been shown to be dishonest…

  32. Preston council have recently restructured the bus lanes through the centre of town. This has resulted in over 15000 yes 15000 fines being issued in the last month. Signs are very poor and a lot of the victims complain that these are not very clear.

  33. Adam, will you please start a Downing Street Petition so that we can all sign up ?
    PLEASE !
    If we all just talk about it and do nothing then there’s a great danger that the scheme will go ahead.
    This must NOT happen. PLEASE

  34. We really need to start fighting back. Motorists have been the target for too long. We need to organise a petition and some sort of action
    I’m sick of being ripped off at the pumps and in tax and duty.

  35. I can see our local council rubbing their hands in anticipation. We already have more speed cameras per capita than any other city. What an opportunity for Nottingham!!

  36. motoring is becoming one of the Nations most awful nightmares. Getting behind the wheel just means that you provide yourself as a target for every possible device to make your life a misery. I sometimes thank oh well it cant get any worse but it does year on year. driving between Hull and York is a nightmare of about 20 speed changes

  37. Yet another blindigly obvious orwellian government-sponsored rip-off. This is fast becoming the worst country to live. I fear for how far it will go eventually and no-one does anything to stop it.

  38. This is a ridiculous, proposal I am a retired Traffic Police Officer I feel that the common sense rule relating to people committing offences will certainly be killed off for the sake of generating revenue WHICH we all know won’t be put back into improving our roads

  39. This needs to be raised with a wider audience than on here. I suggest a ‘facebook’ campaign, and 38 Degrees.

  40. Motorists are such an easy target, with a road system totally incapable of handling the amount of vehicles on the road this will be easy pickings for councils as they will penalise any small mistake

  41. i think its well overdue that motorists start the fightback ,just look at the appauling penalties dished out for 32 mph plus and then see the penalties for burgulars etc its an insane state of affairs which needs crushing by law abbiding citizens NOW


  43. This will just be easy money for Councils, when they see how much they can make they will install yet more camaeras

  44. Supposedly or presumably the ultimate wish is for the traveling public to use public transport. Great! I’d be happy enough with that if public transport were efficient and affordable. When I go to Scotland, as soon as there is more than one person in the car, i.e. the driver, it’s cheaper than going by train.
    This tory government should renationalise the railways instead of letting arsholes like southern rail give appallingly and consistently bad service whilst cashing in big-time and paying stupidly large CEO salaries.

  45. Isn’t it strange how there are so many Jobsworths in local governments, the magistrates system, many parts of the police etc., etc. They seem to bizarrely any sense of humour and also reason.

  46. This crazee can’t add any more it’s all been said , except how do we start a movement like the Canadians did to stop camera traps .Onterio has no cameras but lots traffic cops much bettter they catch the bad drivers
    Tommy C

  47. Councils shouldn’t be in charge of anything, given their generally gross incompetence.

    Who ever met a councilor who commanded the respect of millions and was widely admired…an inspiration to kids and adults nationwide?

    Exactly- never happens. Low level folk go into it for a self-aggrandising power grab. They should have as little power as possible.

  48. These offences tend to be subcontracted to private companies who then employ jobsworths on a bonus scheme.

  49. Hi I think what is needed is another general strike just like the one that took place in 1926 !!! but do the people have the bottle to do this ???

  50. I am so pleased that I live in France. When I visit the UK, which is regularly, I bring my French registered car. I won’t go out of my way to commit a motoring offence but if I do, I might be safe.
    The whole idea is absolutely ludicrous. Personally, I think it’s about time that motorists stand together and refuse to pay such fines. How much more can we take!

  51. Not sure my reply will fit in. Living in a 20 mph area and seeing the vast ( at least 90%) of motorists ignoring this limit then I would welcome some form of enforcement. We have both the elderly and all ages of School Children using our roads with no thought for their safety from the majority of Drivers. If you have a problem keeping to the rules of the road then I respectfully suggest that you use public transport or risk a fine. We all know that councils can be over zealous but as our police service can no longer provide the manpower to police our roads perhaps the councils can provide this service.

  52. Councils are seriously inept, run by people who wouldn’t be employed by the Private Sector.

    This will be a mess, I will challenge every fine if o am unlucky to receive them

  53. I have somewhat agreed with this government on a number of issues.
    But this is the most blatant move to dodge their responsibility to fund councils
    Properly from central government.The will try and shift blame on the councils when the Public react to the massive fines that will follow if this stupidity is allowed to to happen.Will voters both local and national have no say in the highway robbery.

  54. I drive 3000 miles a month from around London to the Southern Coast and it is a constant distraction trying to make sure you are not a few miles an hour over the limit on a motorway when you are overtaking a middle lane crawler doing 65 and you have a nutter behind you who wants to do 100 where I should really accelerate to 80 to pass safely and then slow back down, or committing any other stealth offence like when a traffic light changes I tend to stand on the brakes when really it would have been safer to carry on through on amber.The traffic is horrendous around London and you can’t always see road markings and I have noticed many road markings have been worn off altogether. They have introduced average speed cameras now through the Medway Tunnel but didn’t mention they are also variable through the tunnel as well so my cruise control set on 50 entering the tunnel lead to me standing on the brakes through the tunnel as the limit had changed to 30 on the LED speed sign in the tunnel. Some roads the speed limit changes up and down so many times over a period of a couple of miles on the same bit of road but only shows a sign when it changes it is difficult trying to keep up with what speed you are supposed to be travelling when there are no other signs to refer to. The council Smart car with the camera on top was banned I thought for unfairly targeting motorists.

  55. This week I was fined by Taunton council for parking in a parking space between the road and the pavement. I was dropping off an elderly lady and was there only a short time. I was not obstructing road users or pedestrians and assumed this was a valid place to park. Not so according to the council as there was a double yellow line on the road. Why create a parking space if you are not allowed to use it? There were no signs prohibiting parking and no resident parking signs. And what ever happened to the Christmas spirit?

  56. Shocking!! There are people in prison for a lot less than this. People power needs to act to stop this slippery slope becoming a landslide!

  57. Sunderland Council is anti motorist now with traffic wardens enforcement cars on the roads every where you look. This city does not deserve people to visit, Last year the sea front was free now its all pay and traffic wardens walk in pairs. The free air show costs £20 to park and that was this year god knows how much next year.

  58. I really think we need to look at the definition of a ‘Civil Servant’ because the people who work in the Borough Councils are just that, Civil Servants who serve the citizens of the UK, not scam them with their own money making entrapment systems, all bought and paid for by the people they are meant to be serving…..Oh the irony…!

    When did this arrangement get so screwed up, cos it’s the same story with the Police & and our current seriously corrupt Tory Government, as ALL of them are civil Servants, though they all seam to be serving themselves from where I’m coming from..!!

    And to my views on ‘Councils to Enforce Motoring Offences’, I believe it’s going to be a bomb waiting to go off, as motorist have already had enough of the blatant exploitation of the parking system, which is nothing more than a cash cow and is legalised theft..!

  59. The most corrupt organisations in Britain handed the opportunity to commit highway robbery, come back Dick Turpin all is forgiven.

  60. Its about time the whole country said no to what is effectively a return of Dick Turpin at least he didn’t try to appear to be anything but a highway robber unlike the lily livered councilors.
    We can vote these people out they are supposed to serve us not persecute us

  61. There are protections already in place to stop them, the “Bill of Rights 1688” fines and forfeiture, it is illegal for anyone other than a court to issue a fine. They call it a penalty charge, it’s still a fine.

  62. I have also been the recipient of numerous fines from the famous yellow junction box in Fulham and also parking fines – I am sick to death of the Authorities using motorists as cash cows!!
    I think as suggested have a Motorist Day – remove number plates and demonstrate and gridlock around the Houses of Parliament and other key areas.
    I also travel extensively on the roads and motorways and I must say the person who puts in place stupid alterations to the roads that were working perfectly well out to be sectioned!!

  63. I totally agree with Carl, the retired Traffic Police Officer. This is nothing short of criminal. It stinks of potential corruption and probably means that Capita’s ever expanding empire will be hired by Councils to “administer” this at a cost of millions more! A private company – not even a Council! When they get hold of it, motorists will regret the day they didn’t say “enough is enough”. They cannot get away with this extortion! I am told some Councils have earned £60 million per year in parking fines already. More than enough to cover the alleged £44 million shortfall in elderly care and with a £16 million pound profit to help improve the road system. Or am I dreaming…? Where does this money REALLY go? It’s time for clear answers… I am outraged! I suggest we all contact and campaign, I think.

  64. this is an opportunity for ukip, to now start now publicly fighting for the persecuted motorist ….if they need a banner to rally to this it ..

  65. Simply modern-day highway robbery. Shame that it is very likely to go ahead in the age of austerity, local councils get easy revenue!

  66. This is going to be just another form of revenue raising. When will these people in the government realise that the people are getting pretty fed up with the continuous creep in punitive taxation methods to fund their never ending bloated bureaucracy because it’s obviously not being spent on providing or improving the services for the people. There will be a significant increase in traffics restrictions and cctv being used by councils punish us further. Easy money!!!

  67. Wot a farce, like to know how the police feel about this as both they and the councils are limited companies and no doubt that they will fight over who gets the customers like all business. Can remember when we all owned are public services and did not have to pay share holder’s profits, that’s allies about these days.we should all take two days off mid week together, now that would be a wake up to all the lobbiests and the but shivers in there ivory tower’s above reality of us which live in the real world

  68. If this is passed – then we ALL need to remember which party voted it in – and react FULLY at the next election.
    And we make sure they know why they were kicked out.

  69. Howard’s comment “This sounds like nothing more than a money raising scheme to replace Government shortfalls in local funding.” is absolutely correct. Us drivers are getting shafted by local councils who can’t do anything right and are nothing but a waste of money. Time for an overhaul and maybe it’s time for a major campaign of non payment of council tax till this is sorted!!!

  70. The worst thing to do is to give these arrogant leeches and parasites even more power than they already have. They’re a load of institutionalised idiots and not fit to run anything properly and would only use these powers as a tax on hard pressed motorists who already have to endure poor roads, inadequate and expensive parking, caused by the very people they want to give these powers to !

  71. It’s illegal legislation. Councils are Civil or Civic corporations comprised of Civilians. No Civilian can issue a ‘fine’ (punitive charge)on another citizens. Yet councils and the Govt. routinely refer to Penalty Charge Notices, which in law are nothing more than an invoice for an alleged debt.

    Legislation does not replace LAW…there are only three types of law…Common Law, Criminal Law and Civil Law. They are all founded in natural justice via 100’s of years of Case Law. Laws are made in Courts Of LAW…everything else is Parliamentary tinkering, often involving the distribution of bogus POWERS by Politicians to councils for the purpose of control. It’s tyranny disguised as justice, but as it’s entirely at odds with natural justice, it amounts to conspiracy to commit Criminal Fraud.

  72. I’ve already proven this by getting two parking ‘fines’ cancelled by council crooks when they had to admit they have no powers to issue ‘fines’ for anything. Regardless of what the shitty legislation says. When you tell them to sue you in a Court Of Law with a judge/jury they back off….because the difficult (for them) matter of ‘fines’ would crop up and the lid blown off their scam. 🙂

  73. with the amount of people that seem to think box junctions don’t apply to them this might be a good thing. there are two box junctions at the end of my road and its a nightmare trying to get out people stop in them to stop any one getting in front of them. someone needs to enforce them if you don’t stop in them you will not get a fine

  74. Makes you want to cry, the law requires our respect! But in my book Respect has to be earned.
    How can we trust a law that zooms in on the motorist? No respect here!

  75. Democracy,no such thing.Councils have too much power.Motorists are soft target,just like pawns.How can we fight back!

  76. In response to the following comment:
    “Tom Collins
    December 22, 2016 at 2:26 pm
    If this will stop council tax increases and a reduction in council staff earning over £60k a year, then I’m all for it!”
    Why must the motorist subsidise those who have to pay council tax? A motorist might not even be living in the area. It will also help give the council staff an increase in their already disgusting salaries!

  77. It’s yet another manifestation of the tyranny that is being imposed on us by psychopaths and dipshits. Under an increasingly Orwellian system we should expect no less. It’s going to get much, much worse and revolution will be required to sort the mess out!

  78. We need a proper Union for drivers. The threat of srikes and civil disobedience is all that will make the Government and Local Authorities wake up to their real responsibilities towards motorists of all complexions.
    Until then they will continue to pick us of one by one.

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