Are Speed Cameras Part of a Wider Conspiracy?


I was thinking the other day while driving to visit my parents on the south coast that it feels like the new speed limit on motorways is 50mph…

For what felt like half the journey I was looking at my Talex constantly to make sure I wasn’t going over the speed limit.

It was on this journey that it occurred to me:

I’m actually driving along in fear of the Government!

I was worried that if I strayed a few MPH over the (ridiculous) 50mph speed limit, the Government would take action against me — i.e. make an attempt to rob me of money (fine) and my freedom to drive (ban).

This was despite the fact that I wasn’t doing — and wasn’t planning on doing — anything wrong!

As you’ll know if you’re a long term BTST Member, I’m not exactly someone who shies away from challenging authority.

But despite this, I was fearful of the consequences of not exactly following a rule (i.e. the 50mph limit)!

This made my mind wander back to a film I watched a few years ago called Demolition Man.

In it, whenever anyone stepped out of line (swearing for example), the Government instantly issued a penalty charge for the infraction through their all seeing / all hearing network.

Now before you think I’ve gone completely mad, let me say that I’m not a big conspiracy theorist.

But I am interested in history and have read books and watched documentaries about some of the World’s dictators, and the techniques that Governments and rulers have used through the ages to try to control “their” population.

Fear is invariably one of — if not the most — powerful tools in their arsenal to get the population to be unquestioning and compliant.

It suddenly made a lot of sense to me — is it possible that the Government are using long and pointless average speed camera zones to subtly make the population more compliant, in an effort to gradually move us more towards a police state?

What do you think – is this just a wild conspiracy theory or could this possibly be whats happening?

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  1. Hi adam i am afraid you are right Big Bother strikes again
    they already know what we do where we are and what we spend our money all leaves a foot print

  2. Perhaps this theory can also be applied to the ridiculous Brexit scheme that we are all suffering from. So you are probably not far away from the truth.

  3. I have long believed speed cameras to be a tool to control people – not just to control speed.
    Artificially low and long speed restrictions bring the notion of them having anything whatsoever to do with road safety is brought into utter contempt.

  4. Perhaps it is not intended as a conspiracy, but the effect is exactly the same. It is not just a matter of speed cameras, but also of coordinated public space surveillance, increased police powers of search, a ban on pocket-knives, etc, and even the use of litter wardens to impose on-the-spot fines. Life is certainly becoming very regulated, and very centrally-controlled. But then, the vast majority of the population supports this change in society, with its use of social media sites, placing internet-enabled camers (Hive) in their homes, etc. Orwellian!

  5. How right you are. In Victorian times it was said that the only interaction between the citizen and the state was throught the postman or the policeman. Now the state is everwhere ad always thinks it knows best. Speed limits
    are an example – today on the M6, light traffic, clear weather, no incidents, but a 60 mph limit. We are not bright enough to think for ourselves, obviously.

  6. The average speed cameras certainly do concentrate the mind!!! I am not sure if the authorities (for want of a better name) allow the ACPO guidelines of +10%+3mph so I tend to set my cruise control at 50 or whatever ridiculous limit “they” have decided on. I set to the GPS on my talex rather than the speedo!!!

  7. Good afternoon Adam,

    With average speed systems which often have four or five cameras at mile intervals, can you be fined for exceeding the speed limit between any two of these cameras or just the two at each end?

    Gerald J. Peck MBE

    1. This we do not know for sure, but we are under the impression that it is any two within the area to stop the speeding up and down between the first and last

  8. Its BIG BROTHER all the way on our crap pot holed roads its a cash cow for the government and courts and in my opinion it will get much worse, I am a HGV driver and I have seen so many changes over the years and most have been rubbish or to the detriment of the driver ,sorry I wish I could be more positive , drive safely .

  9. We are moving towards a facist state theres no doubt, only problem is that the police only catch the compliant who stray on the wrong side of the law not the hardened criminals, they are scared of them !!

  10. Personally I think your dead right.we are the most watched nation in the world.CCTV number plate recognition cameras. All for our safety? Yea right believe that and you believe anything. Drivers are a good cash cow for government and councils alike. Time we said enough is enough. No more big brother snooping or coming ever closer to a police state

  11. I subscribe to that (type of) theory. Over 30 years ago I was heavily involved in road layout planning when the continual radius curve was introduced. Albeit it had no restriction on overtaking but there was never quite sufficient visibility to consider it safe. The idea was openly stated to be an active discouragement to overtaking – a desire to keep people in line. subsequently it has been added to with central reservations with hatched lines where it is permitted to enter (ie overtake) if clear. it is all about keeping us in line. Same with Taxation, the purpose of which is not to obtain funding for projects or necessities (read Warren Mosler: The 7 innocent Frauds) because since gold standard went, taxation is not relevant as there is no finite amount of money in circulation anymore, it is just zeros on bank accounts and taxation is merely to prevent economy overheating…. Time to find an island of your own!

  12. You’re waking up Adam! Of course it’s about ‘control’,as are ‘smart’ motorways. I was warned years ago to avoid anything ‘smart’which one can do to a degree,but avoiding roads could be harder.

  13. Absolutely.
    In a true democracy the government is afraid of the people, not the other way round.
    Interesting that our government has also disarmed the population and, that education is now indoctination…

  14. ‘Smart Motorways’ were way faster and had less congestion before the idiots started pressing buttons at random to enforce unnecessary speed restrictions ‘for our safety’, yeah, right…

  15. Are you sure it is not GROSS INCOMPETENCE on the part of the Highways Agency. Most of the rest of “government” is pretty incompetent, so why not them?

  16. Adam I think you are correct but even if you were wrong the overall effect is exactly as you surmise. The 50mph average speed zones are not to do with safety but rather control.

  17. The motorist are a easy target .they steal money from us like nothing els .they let terrorist of the hook bow down to black knife gangs .but my god you go over the speed limet and they hunt you down points and fine .and the police are just a puppet collecting our money to fund all the out of work imagrants we keep in this country .and as for smart motorways there a con a trap to extract more money from the motorist .maybe we should just stick two fingers up at the goverment and refuse to pay

  18. The start of the revolt against ‘World Government’ was BREXIT !!
    The same ‘Elite’ to whom you refer is utterly shocked and intent on reversing the process. We WANT OUR FREEDOM, AND OUR ROADS ARE PART of IT PAID FOR BY US.

  19. I don’t think we should blame Government directly. It’s about county councils, Highways England and local poice. The motivation of the latter is to extort money from motorists in theor attending overpriced ‘safety awareness’ courses.
    Witness the disparity with lawless cyclists who are imune from requirements – but motorists may be penalised or fleeced if they’re said to have passed too close!

  20. “Fear” is the word! None of the world’s Taliban & ISIS nutters, rapists, murderers, arsonists, child molesters, etc., have ever harmed me. But not so the police. During over fifty years of normal, safe, sober and accident free motoring they have cost me an absolute fortune in fines and defence lawyers. And of course the disturbance to my wellbeing, as each case has arisen.

  21. Of course we are being controlled. Not just the speeding issue but look at car parking. Motorists live in fear every day of committing a ‘crime’. Look at the new controls at airports, fees for dropping off and collecting passengers! Soon motorists will be policing each other. Communist state comes to mind.

  22. 2 things come to mind Adam.
    Control over the population? There are easier ways to do this but we are seeing a shift towards more and more data gathering. Black-Box insurance being one item. Can the Government access this data? As cars become more connected you can be sure someone will be logging it. Keeping track on citizens is one way of exercising control for sure.
    I personally think the real reason is simpler. It’s the way the police statistics are measured and reported on. Remember, one speeding ticket is a crime recorded and a crime solved. The more they issue the more it affects their crime figures for the better. A burglary is way harder to solve and involves much more time and effort so why bother trying? Just keep bumping up the number of “crimes” that virtually solve themselves. That makes the averages a lot better to read and ensures the Chief Constable keeps his bonus. It’s pointless blaming the police for playing to the rules they are given, I would do exactly the same in that position, we all would. Part of the answer is to change the way police “success” is measured. Remove all non-criminal offences from the stats and don’t let the force keep the loot from all the fines. Focus the reporting on what matters most.

  23. If vehicles are stronger, safer and have more safety items than previously why do we still have the 70mph limit on motorways along with the 50mph in areas. This constant stop start for cameras etc must be dangerous. Just another means of control.

  24. The length of road-works is way too far as there are only a small number of contractors working in isolation at any one time. The length of Road-works should be reduced to 2 or 3 miles maximum this will avoid further accidents as these locations always appear to be accident hotspots.

  25. I suspect the politicians are less interested in controlling this aspect of the population’s behaviour, Adam, than in convincing the electorate that they’re ‘doing something about road safety’.

    Save in a few exceptional cases the problem on the road is not speed; rather it’s proximity: to the vehicle ahead, i.e. tailgating. Tailgating is covered by s. 2 of the Act (dangerous driving); unfortunately enforcing s. 2 calls for (a) effort and (b) intelligence — both in extremely short supply in to-day’s police and prosecution services!

    Enforcing arbitrary rules, such as speed limits and traffic signals, is easy. On the other paw, enforcement against tailgating — bearing in mind how large a proportion of licence holders does it — would catch too many of those licence holders … and virtually every one of them is also a voter!


  26. Having just driven up the M6 NB from J1 to around J10 it was all limited to 50 / 60mph on the Gantries all of the way, and yes each Gantry had a speed camera. Personally I think that this is the start of introducing a lower 50 or 60 mph speed limit on all of the Motorways. Most of the M42 is exactly the same, I’ve yet to see anything but a 60mph limit posted on the overhead Gantries, day or night!.

  27. I have been thinking along similar lines while driving and also believe that there is a conspiracy to control the population. I also suspect that there is a revenue issue here as well

  28. When you consider that our country is now run by grannies,and do-gooders. Speed control is there for the minority that are pretty damn useless at driving and therefore, we have to be slowed down to compensate for the these knumb sculls.

  29. Most people think that the job of the Police is to catch criminals and complain when they don’t! Complaining is unfair when you understand that they are employed by the Stae (at our cost e.g. Taxes) and their real job is to control the population, as it has always been. Furthermore, it has become so much easier with modern technology. They catch a few criminals to keep us all thinking that’s what they are here for but, sadly that has never been the case. The UK has more CCTV cameras than ANY other Country in the world, including North Korea!!!

  30. Here’s a thought. “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
    Adolf Hitler

  31. This is so true, can’t allow the populace to think for themselves, guess at my age I can just about cope with the bug*eration but it is my Grandson and his future family I really fear for.

  32. Having just completed the NC500 (North Coast Scotland) there are many confused and “dangerous” drivers up there waiting to have an accident with these “average speeds tills” as we know them. Driving between 1# – 2# for example @60mph you will on average go through 40mph behind a long line of slow traffic behind an HGV (@50mph) with everyone trying to overtake each other to get passed the lorry’s. Then we come onto a piece of dual carriageway and it’s like Sunday’s Austrian Grand Prix, mayhem, NOW do we do 60 or 70 or for what’re reason 50 because I found there were all 3 going on and this was every piece of dual carriageway causing near slams as the Audi’s, Mercedes, and the Volvos think they have their own lanes……..I’ll not mention the hired winabiagos on this rant ……..

  33. If you were asked to continually carry a device which would enable the powers that be to locate you at any time of the day or night, would you?
    Well, if you carry a mobile phone you already are.

  34. Well enforcing a speed limit is no bad a thing, so long as the limits are appropriate and not so low as to entrap people for revenue. I guess the problem we face is armchair policing for profit – real criminals go unpunished but ordinarily law abiding folk are criminalised as a form of taxation on the otherwise innocuous. What is wrong is not just the (largely ineffectual) mass surveillance, but the fact that you can be a criminal for doing, say 55, in an arbitrarily 50mph stretch, but OK to drive like a maniac, so long as its less than 50 mph!

  35. Spot on, Adam. There does seem to be a worldwide conspiracy between governments and big business to “herd” people and control us. Their tools include the blatant ones such as ridiculous speed limits and “green” laws and subtler ones such as “groupthink” (where they keep repeating certain untruths and casually dropping them into conversations), and the downright evil, such as asking us to vote on issues we should never be asked to vote on (eg, the death penalty for babies who are unwanted by their mothers aka abortion on demand, which is to be introduced here in Ireland thanks to a public referendum – we already had abortion for cases in which the mother’s mental health was in danger or the baby would not survive, but the Government ran a mass-brainwashing campaign using words such as “choice” and “compassion”, and no amount of facts or reason could open the eyes of the voters to just what they were voting for: EUgenics). Getting back to your speed-restriction topic: I reckon the powers-that-be in every country want us all on bicycles, like oldfashioned peasants, leaving the roads clear for the wealthy. They also want us to stop washing ourselves so we’ll feel crappy.

  36. As a pensioner I find it rather disheartening that this lot can do what they want and we have no redress.
    There are so many ways that this government take money from the motorist it makes me sick and now they are about to push the cost of fuel up,and the reason is the NHS, happy to pay the extra for NHS but why always the poor motorists.
    Get these dam cameras removed from motorways and give us a little freedom.
    Note : I think all governments use is as a cash cow! (Sorry for the rant)

  37. Average speed cams appear to create greater distance between vehicles, this gives the nprc’s better angle of view. Covert survveilance also ie, Ocupant recognition. you just might be making a phone call/ eating a Banana et al. Just a paranoid thought!

  38. After ANPR cameras were used in a court case against my husband by his ex-wife in order to try and book him for 3 separate counts of Arson (unproven by 11-1 majority), purely because she knew roughly were he was going to be on the routes at a given time, and the Police used these and ONLY these in their case against him, I became a greater believer in the 1984 Big Brother state. He drives 45K miles a year for business and over the years some of his standard journeys have lengthened 25% or more due to so called smart motorways, which are not smart at all but are controlled by timers (at least the M1 in Derby area is for certain) and whilst the quote given by John B above is actually from a book by Pat Miller called Willfully Ignorant and not by Hitler it, for me, really sums up what is happening in this digital age. I watch the TV program Person of Interest and wonder just how close it is to the truth….

  39. It is unfortunate that when the oil crisis departed we could not get back to ‘no speed limit’. Virtually all drivers drive within the limit of road conditions and as you say, they need to put average speed cameras to do the work of enforcement – money raising – executed by technology. If it is not a conspiracy, then the operators of the system are grossly lazy and do not remove limits when the road is clear. Perhaps not releasing drunk and drugged drivers back on the road might stop unnecessary accidents?

  40. I agree you travel for miles at 50mph because their are supposed to be work going on I never see any workmen along the whole 50mph route

  41. The average speed rules are another example of passive aggression by the state. Traveling in the early hours I could make good time North to South but now as the signs flash 50 for no reason and witnessed many a driver loose concentration from boredom,
    I hate driving in the Uk but thankfully still drive in Europe still enjoy the experience

  42. I couldn’t agree more I came up the a34 sunday no problem 70 mph most of the way up until I got to the m40 that wasn’t to bad but then getting into Bhai and onto the m6 that was a joke 60 posted on the gantrys but I was lucky if i got up to 40mph until I got to the m54 that was perfect no cameras no cops,and I may have gone a little over the limit to make up for the restrictions on the m6 m42
    Paul T

  43. All I can add is that the idea certainly gives food for thought.
    And we are meant to be living in a free society.
    The government condone other world governments when they bring out the army to control unruly citizens who are marching on their respective governments or dictatorships….. YET…. What would our government do if the British people had suffered enough suppression from Government, that they marched on OUR houses of parliament, with the intention of getting something changed?
    Would they not also call out the forces to “Bash” us back into line? My thoughts go back to that poor newspaper seller in the past who was killed by a lying copper.

  44. Completely right the irony is people want quick journey times but even if people live on an A road they expect everyone to drive passed at 20MPH. Local Government Politicians say driving fast is socially unacceptable and everyone must be punished because we know what’s best for people. Driving fast and driving dangerously are not the same thing, speed can be a factor in dangerous driving but you can also drive fast safely. I suppose speed is far easier to measure If only the Police could use a Driving Crapply O Meter instead of a speed gun. Driving fast also contributes to global warming etc. etc. which is of course a multi billion pound conspiracy of lies designed to wrestle power back from unsavoury powers in the Middle East, South America, Africa and Russia.

  45. The government is desperate for money they are already thinking of raising duty on fuel.and just think of the revenu lost due to them banning smoking,no matter what the government get it is not enough and just think in April 21when the ULEZ comes on line the income figures make the mind boggle their is no end to governmental greed and incompetence

  46. Let’s face it. The British public are the cash cow of the UK Government. Especially the British motorists. The Government say there going to build a new runway to increase air traffic, no concern of air quality. Then they turn there attention to the good old motorists, and pollution is once again a major concern. This country’s Government are the biggest bunch of crooks in Britain. But what is the point of complaining, nobody does anything about it. And they know that’s the case, so they just increase there thieving activities. Rant over!

  47. I agree with you 100% Adam we are heading for this country becoming a police state, And as for the so called smart motorways they are just a money maker, how often do you see reduced speed signs lit up on these motorways only to see that the road for as far as you can see is clear and in fact it is the reduced speed signs causing the all the traffic, Smart motorways run by Dumb Bastards

  48. Hi Adam, yes, completely agree with you and all of the observations from your other ‘conspirators’ as the Government would label us on here are absolutely true.
    Keep up the good work,
    All the best.

  49. Having been an artic driver for a number of years I have indeed noticed even at the death of night speed restrictions applied to empty motorways. Miles and miles with no incident or road works etc. just a restricted speed limit. WHY oh WHY. Got to the stage hey boss arrived late due to highways speed restriction preventing me from arriving on time as I had to take a tacho break enroute. Money spinner or f***ing up the economy by increasing run times and cost. Thank goodness for cruise control. Just set it and let the electronics worry about the speed controls.

  50. Yes I think you are correct I noticed some new temp cameras on M62 and no work getting done.i think just to make money and control.

  51. I don’t think it’s necessarily a concious decision to move to the Police State, it is whats happening, we have pen pushers who dream up these things with less and less human contact, everything becoming remote and the ‘computer says’ with no common sense any longer being applied, using camera’s and a mailing address it becomes non confrontational and they can sit behind their camera’s I’m stopping using these motorways whenever I can as they dont work very well, lorries taking up 4 lanes overtaking at 1MPH, why dont they have the railways carrying lorries up north dropping them off periodically per the Chunnel, that would reduce the congestion massively, motorways would run an awful lot smoother

  52. Agree totally Adam. The length of average speed zones on motorways is a joke, as are some of the speed limits (30mph on the approach to Leeds on the M621). Smart motorways are far from smart, they do not speed up traffic as it’s suggested, they slow it down. They also cause dangerous conditions by constantly changing limits, which then leads to drivers having to brake hard when the limit suddenly drops by 20mph. Quite simply a way to control and generate cash!

  53. You absolutely correct, so called smart motorways are not smart as we all know they just provide total surveillance and control of the motorway network and the people using them. As the reason for all this surveillance is for our safety we are all very very safe now. Do you feel safe? Has crime ceased to exist? No. Do the authorities have more control over us? Yes they do.

  54. 50 MPH Average Speed cameras are a good idea on motorways to protect the workforce BUT only when they are working !
    So when they are being operated for mile after mile with no workforce around they are just a cash cow!
    So yes Adam you are right – we are being controlled and manipulated more and more by the authorities !

  55. As a fellow driver said speed is irrelevant if distance is great enough. So let’s all buy front and rear cameras.
    Last resort canonly be buying jammers and no plate spray en mass
    Take that Adolf!

  56. They should be called stupid motorways, they cause more accidents. Education is the only way to stop bad driving, and the ones that don’t care will never be stopped. I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep checking my speed and concentrating on the road ahead. The new 20mph in south London just drains the life from you. They think this will stop some accidents but if you have no insurance and a stolen car the speed limit does not apply anyway, and I read somewhere that most accidents happen at low speed. Most country roads are 60mph that make motorway speed limits a laugh.

  57. I tried to keep to the 20mph limit in south London only to be passed by a guy on a push bike what a joke. Watching my speed and looking out for passing bikes and looking out for cameras I may be safer walking. No No I won’t give in to big brother, thank god for talex.

  58. Do you react in the same way whatever the speed limit is, or is it somehow just the particular limit you mention in your article?

  59. I find it difficult to except that certain areas of the country have a very high revenue collection does this mean that drivers all gather together to speed on certain roads or is there a possibility of corruption among our establishment.Just a thought.

  60. Like most of the above comments left by those that care about this, I too am worried and concerned about the increasing control all the various authorities seem to have over every aspect of our lives. I don’t even think it’s a concious move by the controllers to limit everything we do; it’s just that technology gives them the option to do it, so they excercise it just because they can.
    I believe all this is done in the name of Health & Safety and it’s driving me nuts. Clearly, we are all totally irresponsible, so Big Brother has to look after us every minute of every day in everything we do…

  61. Like all Governments Police forces army navy airforce that are use to control every one there always comes a time when a population get to the point when enough is enough and many a dictator has to their cost found out the hard way. people can arm them selves by many means and armed police will not in any way be able to control them nor any one else for that matter as we have seen in this world today in many states across the globe you try to control the people and you are looking certain canage in the face and you will get it no mater how much control you think you have the the people will eventually prove you wrong your enemy is already with in and spread out across the land the government or the police can never win and should really start to back off and start to think again each one of them is only one person with big inflated ideas of their own self importance who think they can control us all this way it has not and never will work there are all ways nutters out there who want to alter things and any thing go’s and that is what really worries me as it starts to involve us all as we all well know and this country is moving that way fast and they are too ignorant to see it they will when its to late so what every one has written borders on this as they hate the big brother attitude and arrogance of these blind to the facts fools who think they really do know better than the person on the street.

  62. Wow.. now you’re talking. Me and a mate was talking about this same subject. Average speed cameras are there As a control thing. Forcing you to comply. Making everyone travel at one uniform speed. Mind control is a real thing. They don’t want us free. Hard to articulate my point. But these average speed checks around london is just a test… there will be a lot more country wide soon. Just you wait.

  63. You may recall that the Nazis also dominated Germany and Stalin in Russia with fear of someone reporting them just not complying with authorised thinking. Thus it does look like the not very thin edge of the wedge. Is this also a hidden campaign for electric assisted bikes as the fastest unregistered vehicles, until they even have to get one to register those?

  64. Adam,
    It is not just speed cameras, we are watched by cameras with audio everywhere, on trains, buses, taxis, cash machines, on the streets even in banks and at work.
    In fact our entire lives are filmed, last week I visited hospital and on my way to the department I counted 5 cameras.
    This government can trace you wherever you are, or wherever you have been which they often do in court.
    The next thing will be compulsory dashcams with signals going straight to insurance companies, accessible by police at will…black box driving already does this without video.

    Gerry M.

  65. A friend of mine was given two speeding tickets on a journey down the A9, which has several average speed zones, from Inverness to Glasgow with appropriate fines and points for each. I suggested that he should contest at least one of them as he was on the same road, on the same journey, and therefore had only committed one offence albeit that the “offences” took place many miles apart. My contention was that he had only extended the time and distance over which he had offended not committed several offences. Am I right or is every zone a separate offence, if that is the case how do you know whether you are entering or leaving a zone?

  66. If you think this is a police state run conspiracy wait until there are only autonomous electric vehicles.

    The government won’t need speed limits or traffic control, they’ll be able to control the speed and direction of each vehicle.

  67. On the M20 at Maidstone we are getting a new Smart Motorway. Average speed cameras are already at work to “protect” the area and operators of overhead gantry cameras have been shown how to harvest fines from 20mph speed reductions at camera sites. Seems the Chief Constable of Kent has not been pulling his weight on ACPO recommendations and this is his chance to join the “me too” group of head coppers.
    Meanwhile the M2 remains a series of signposts joined by 1,2 and 3 lane roads that even Dover bound trucks will not use. It’s all about control not facility.

  68. “is it possible that the Government are using long and pointless average speed camera zones to subtly make the population more compliant, in an effort to gradually move us more towards a police state?”

    You bet your life it is. Brexit is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to move away from the ever-increasing integration and control, i.e. we only have our own government to worry about after Brexit, rather than the ruling elite of Brussels. Our exit from the EU won’t be a complete solution to this issue on its own, but it is a big step in the right direction. Let’s see what happens. Perhaps there will be a slow down, and perhaps even a reversal of our existing communist style surveillance on our every day lives?

  69. As with all the hype about Global Warming, it is a case of manipulation of the masses through fear!!
    The idea that a set sped is safe and anything above it is dangerous is a stupid idea. We all know that a ‘safe’ speed depends on all sorts of cirteria, sucg as weather conditions, density of traffic and so forth. However, one thing that I insisted on when I bought my car four years ago was to have cruise control fitted. Non illegitami carborundum!!

  70. its interesting in england we are like sheep walking into a 1984 scenario

    When I used to live in canada they tried to introduce cameras and the canadians shot them…..canadians are not know for being particularly radicle but they didn’t like their freedom being curtailed

  71. I think greater threats are ahead ,the EU requirement for Car’s to be able to phone in and report an accident is a small step away from auto reporting speed of travel. a link to smart pay systems and its all done without you knowing. Big Brother will get us all.

  72. I absolutely agree speed cameras on the scourge of the driving system in this country we are an Island traffic needs to be quickened not slowed down. I believe the speed limit on motorways should be increased after all 70 miles per hour has been in place on motorways as long as I can remember and with the safety of modern day cars any accident occurring at 70 miles an hour or 90 miles an hour the outcome is going to be pretty much the same and speed cameras or are just another way of the government putting their hand in your pocket and now most motorways are are all 50 miles per hour the problem is we all just complain we don’t stick together and do anything about it is every motorist in this country just refused to pay tickets doled out by speed cameras what could the government do about it providing every driver refuse to pay on Mass.

  73. I thought the idea behind ‘Smart Motorways’ was to even out traffic so that holdups won’t occur. The M62 between Leeds and Manchester has been,and still is, subject to this treatment, for the last ten years, thus negating the idea of a ‘motorway’. Starting with Leeds area, 25 miles of motorway was reduced to 40mph, three years it took to lay a few cables. then the work moved to north Manchester, another 3 years! thus the M62 was effectively reduced to an A road for 7 years. While still not complete, the M6 has been virtually closed for the same reason, from by Warrington to Wolverhampton. Thus, for example, a huge stretch of m-way is shut down for longer than it took to build!
    Smart M-way rebuilt by Idiots!
    Talking of idiots, many a time have I been held up in queues started by idiots slowing to have a look at a minor incident. the police have now got in on the act by slowing down traffic on the supposition that there may be an incident, thus causing one. There is even a Permanent sign at Aintree advising of an incident ahead, lit up day and night,(by reflectors). .

  74. Any traffic control system that operates through ANPR technology is of interest to the government because, it tells them where you are at any given time. this technolgy is currently sold to us as “smart motorway” or Safety camera” but big brother is after road toll charging and these cameras all make this possible. The Blair government wanted to introduce toll roads but the outcry stopped it in its tracks so we are now seeing the stealth alternative. Follow the money!


  76. I am 100% agree with you government making easy money from [ speed camera] All About Money

  77. I agree totally its ridiculous we have them on the duel carriage A64 near York 40 mph all cars are bunched up each other as its by far to slow considering no work is done through the day only through the night in fact I think it is far more hazardous, there is absolutely no sense in it what so ever outside of pure control and creating passive fear for the establishment, something needs to be done, and whats even more scary is people seem to just put up with it without any protest whats so ever.

  78. I don’t believe it’s a theory I believe it’s fact !if you go to China you will find that”big brother ” already exists!even With a population of 1.4billion cannot buy a train or plane ticket without showing your ID card ,plus there is now face recognition cameras every where in China ,that I’m sure will come to the UK ,it’s already happening in certain parts now ,so Adam I agree with you completely,but the question is what can one do about it ??for centuries,, religion was always used to control the masses ..but now we have electronics …it becomes a lot easier ..also who do you think controls the the world as we know it? 12 families or should we say corporation s ….. decide where there should be a war ,or conflict..causing mayhem..which inturn helps countries who are arms producers sell more ….it goes on and on my sadness is for the young people now ..I feel very lucky iv lived a life where iv at least enjoyed free thinking …but now it’s over ….I could say a lot more ,but I feel that anyone that reads what i have written will understand !it’s not a conspiracy …it’s reality

  79. I left a long comment Adam ,but it looks like it wasn’t printed !! I agree with what you say ,and I’m sure it’s not just a conspiracy theory

  80. When first I used a motorway there was no speed restrictions. There were so few cars that I felt quite alone. Occasionally Astons, AC’s Rover etc would test out their concept cars up to 200mph.
    My first car which was older than me had a top speed of 55mph It had poor brakes, steering and had running boards. There was no roof heater or synchro gears and it had very narrow tyres An unsafe vehicle by todays standards. It would however fit in with todays speed traps. we should be looking forward not backwards.

  81. Heading south down the M42 last week sunny afternoon 50 and 60 mph restrictions in force . traffic flow very light . spent more time looking at speedometer than concentrating on the actual art of driving.In my opinion this is far more hazardous than allowing a free flowing 70 mph Motorway.

  82. It is most plausible. After all, we are suffering a lot of this type of thing via the faceless unnacountables ib Brussels. The sooner we are rid of their shackles the better, would be a good start.

  83. Most of these speed fines are from Cameras, I see little signs of police in cars, unless its driving with blue lights and sirens, late for coffee? Or to race ahead and close a road due to an accident, most of which don’t need closure under (Health & Safety)????

    I don’t think these cars are capable of gauging another vehicles speed down to 1 mph and then proving it in court, are we sure people are being fined for +1 mph, or is this more shoddy news?

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