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Councils to Enforce Motoring Offences in 2017?

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  Under a new proposal put forward to the house of commons, councils across the UK could be handed new powers to fine motorists for minor motoring “offences”. If approved by MPs in the New Year it will mean that the enforcement of “moving traffic offences” will switch from the Police to councils. Currently this system […]

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Michael Howard fined £1615…

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  The Former Home Secretary, Michael Howard, has been fined £1615 (£900 fine, £625 costs and £90 “victim surcharge”), plus 6 penalty points after being convicted of failing to supply the information of the Driver after a recent speeding ticket. His car was “caught” at 37mph in a 30 limit in January. Staggeringly given his […]

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Traffic jams being caused by the Highways Agency?

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I was sitting in the inevitable traffic jam at the Dartford Tunnel on Monday evening, contemplating the road sign that said (paraphrasing) “traffic jam deliberately created for your safety”. As I had nothing else to do, I started to consider that EVERY SINGLE TIME the government interfere with roads with the pledge that they are […]

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Your journey is being tracked…

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  Sky News have conducted an investigation in to the extent of the information ANPR cameras are collecting — and keeping for 2 years — about Motorists journeys each day. ANPR cameras to scan Drivers number plates and then log their journeys. Whenever a vehicle passes a camera, it’s registration photo is taken and then […]

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How To Beat A Parking Ticket (Funny!)

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We got sent this video a few days ago by DriveProtect Member Ian Young. It explains how comedien Joe Lycett had a parking ticket overturned. I couldn’t stop laughing for about half an hour afterwards, so I thought you might also enjoy it! Adam P.S. We’re currently offering Members the opportunity to invest in our […]

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Camera sites “picked to make most money”

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A city councillor, Sean Chaytor, has claimed that his local Safety Camera Partnership only install speed cameras where they will make the most money. Mr Chaytor claimed that Safer Roads Humber refused to move a speed camera to an accident blackspot because of the amount of money it made where it was. He said: “I […]

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Latest Speed Camera Scam?

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I was driving back from seeing a friend at Heathrow on the M25 last Thursday evening when I witnessed this… Just before J11 — the Chertsey exit — a temporary speed limit of 60mph appeared on the overhead speed camera gantry. Then, on the very next one a few hundred yards later… A 40mph limit… […]

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Hi All, We’ve had a barrage of questions since announcing the Concessional Rates for Pensioners and Annual Membership option on Friday. The most common two questions have been: 1) “It’s not showing me how to select the Pensioners concessional rate! How do I do this?” The signup page automatically calculates your age based on your […]

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Speeding Ticket for 1mph over the speed limit?

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  Motorists in Scotland will face being prosecuted for creeping just 1mph over the speed limit under plans announced by the Police. Previously a common “margin of error” has been allowed, which is often – but not always – 10% + 2mph. That’s now going to change with Police saying that doing even 1mph over […]

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The consensus is overwhelming…

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Well, it seems the consensus is overwhelming… As of a few moments ago, 96.65% of BTST Members believe that the “war on the Motorist” did NOT end during the term of the last government. In fact over 50% of us think it’s got worse! (the poll is here) I have to say these results echo […]

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