Member Fuel Card FAQ

Member Fuel Card FAQ

– Is it for Diesel only?

Yes, the Member Fuel Card will initially be for Diesel Fuel Only.

Fuel discount cards are much more established for Diesel users because most of them are businesses who issue fuel cards to their fleet vehicles, which are mostly all diesel.

My plan is to see how many Members take up the Diesel fuel card (seems like it will be a lot) and then armed with that information, we can approach fuel companies and try to persuade them to offer a Petrol discount to Members as well.

– Tell me about it in one paragraph!

We’ve negotiated a discount on Diesel fuel of between 2.5p/lire – 3p/litre for BTST Members across more than 10,000 fuel stations across the UK.

The petrol brands include: Shell, Esso, BP, Texaco, Murco, Applegreen, MFG (basically every other fuel brand in the UK). It also works in all Welcome Break and Moto service stations.

– How much do I save per litre?

2.5p – 3p (depending on which card you choose).

Is it free or is there a cost?

We’ve negotiated a 100% free Fuel Card for Members, which is £18/year to everyone else (even without the guarantee of a discount). It will always be free and gets you a 2.5p/litre discount on Diesel.

The second option has a small monthly or one-off cost (£3/mo or £30 one-off). It gets you a 3p/litre discount on Diesel.

Do I need a different card for each fuel brand?

Yes, you can choose which fuel brands you want on the signup page.

You are welcome to have as few or as many cards (up to 5 for the different fuel brands) as you need.

Is there any minimum use requirement?

Absolutely not. We have a contract with the Fuel Card provider on behalf of Members but there is no contract, minimum usage, or any other “small print” — just a discount on the pump prices.

Am I guaranteed to get 2.5p or 3p per litre off?

Yes. The discount is taken from the forecourt price so if the pump price was, for example, £1.80/litre you would pay £1.77/litre with the fuel card.

The fuel card is due to be released to Members on Monday or Tuesday this week!

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