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As A DriveProtect Member, You Get The Following Benefits:

We contract with a carefully chosen firm of specialist Road Traffic Lawyers who provide Members with Legal Advice and Representation at Court when necessary.

When you receive a Speeding Ticket or Summons from a Fixed or Mobile Speed Camera, or if you are stopped for Speeding by the Police:

1) Call the specialist Road Traffic Lawyers when you receive a Speeding Ticket in England or Wales (unlimited access)

The Lawyers will work with you to establish if the are any issues with the way in which the evidence of the offence was obtained and if any procedural errors have occurred.

If there has been any procedural error then they will advise you on how to liaise with the Safety Camera Partnership or Police to try to ensure that the ticket is overturned before ever reaching Court.

They will also work with you to discover if there is doubt that the alleged offence actually happened, or if there is doubt about who was driving. If there is, they will present this evidence to the Camera Partnership or Police and try to have the ticket overturned before reaching Court.

2) Representation at Court (excess applies)

Where you believe that you are innocent, there is doubt over the identity of the driver, or are guilty and wish to claim "mitigating circumstances" in order to keep your licence, the Lawyers will prepare your case and represent you at Court with a view to obtaining the absolute best outcome.

We have numerous helpful articles with advice on speeding lawyers and speeding tickets that can all be accessed from our Speeding Ticket Articles page.

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Access to Speeding Lawyers at a Fraction of the cost

Dear British Motorist,

There’s more than one way of hiring a Speeding Lawyer to give you legal advice and to represent you at Court…

DriveProtect was founded in 2009 to give access to top quality speeding lawyers for drivers accused of a motoring offence such as breaking the speed limit at a fraction of the cost of going direct.

Whether you’ve been stopped by a police officer, received a speeding ticket (NIP) or have been summonsed to attend Magistrates Court, you’ve come to the right place.

The last thing you want is a disqualification from driving and a big fine, and the lawyers we contract with to represent Members are experts are making sure this doesn’t happen.*

  * of course there are no guarantees in life but check out my own personal experience using our speeding lawyers to illustrate a typical case

Motoring Law

Motoring law is a complex field and if you want to keep your driving licence — and ideally have your speeding charge overturned — we strongly suggest using a proven and recommended firm of Speeding Solicitors to represent you.

Using a speeding lawyer can be very expensive for the “average” person, but DriveProtect has been set up to give everyone access to top quality speeding offence solicitors.

If you already have penalty points on your driving licence in England and Wales, it’s even more imperative to choose the right legal representation.

If you’ve been caught speeding on a speed camera, or received another road traffic offence NIP, it’s important to get in touch as soon as possible so that the Lawyers have plenty of time to review your case and prepare you’re defence.

The very best case scenario is that the speeding ticket can be overturned before ever reaching court on some occasions.

Get in touch with us with the speed alleged and any other information.

We are here to help!

You can find out about exactly why DriveProtect is a better option than going to a “normal” speeding lawyer here.

Or if you’re ready to get started with your defence or have questions, call.

We don’t use a call centre so if we’re on another line, just leave a message with your number and we’ll call you back!

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