Case Study #1 – Jim Henderson

Note: This video refers to an old service that is no longer provided

(copied direct from email)

To whom it may concern.

I spend a lot of time on the road in my capacity as a courier / driver,
I enjoy my work and I really like being out on the road, but like most people,
there are other things to look out for apart from other drivers and pedestrians.
By this I mean speed cameras, speed traps, average speed limits and police cars!

I’d already picked up a few points in the beginning of the year by flouting the limit in a section of roadworks.

After I got stopped, I decided to become pro-active and installed a sat nav with live traffic and speed trap updates.

However, I was still concerned about gettin stopped if I took my mind off the ball.

This is when I first came accross the drive protect website.

At first, i was sceptical.

The advertising looked good, the service provided looked even better but I still wasn’t convinced.

Then back in may, i had another close call and decided to try drive protects services.
What could I lose, except a small monthly payment for peace of mind?

Upon contacting drive protect I was asked to provide details of my licence,
driving history ect and all seemed reasonable. I duly set up the direct debit for the payments and forgot about it.

Later in the year I got stopped again. This time I received a lot more points than I expected, then almost a month later I was stopped once again. Every time by a covert speed camera held by an officer parked somewhere obscure.

Now if I had seen a bright yellow jacket I would have been looking at my speed, sometimes just
the sight of a police car is enought o get most drivers to slow back down to 70!

By the time I had seen the police car it was too late. I was duly booked and processed.

I got straight on to drive protect.

This was much easier than I expected, I was advised to be represented in court by drive protects own legal team.
I went to court and met with my brief. She was very knowledgeable and confident and did a sterling job even though
as it turned out the magistrate had already made his mind up what to do.

So I got banned.

This is when I was convinced that there would be some loophole or reason not to cover me.

Not so!

Immediately I was told, after checking a few details, that I would be covered for all my transport costs.

Still doubtful, I collected all my train tickets and taxi reciepts and posted them near the end if the month. Within a day,
I received an email confirming that my receipts had been received and that my bank would be credited accordingly!

I’m still amazed.

This company really does look after its customers. Pain free registration,
super friendly staff and meticulous attention to detail make these guys the ones you
need on your side if you drive. So that’s most of us!

At last, a way of covering yourself against losing your licence.

I can wholeheartedly reccomend drive protect if you want to make sure your life isn’t turned upside down by this country’s ridiculous points system.

Jim Henderson

Case Study #2 – David Hall

(copied direct from email)

I use Drive Protect and it works for me, my wife and my business. Their savvy lawyers think of stuff you wouldn’t dream of. Well worth the monthly fee for this kind of insurance. When you need expert motoring offence advice- simples… go to the experts – they know there stuff and their advice is all covered by insurance.

(from Adam to David)
Thanks a lot David!

Any chance you could just give me an overview of what happened with your case?

(David’s reply)
NIP was issued in my company name as car was leased, we could not accurately recall who was the driver. Lawyer successfully had the case withdrawn. PS. even though the policies were not in the company name but in our personal names we were still covered by drive protect –thank god as we have 2 polices.

David Hall

Case Study #3 – Steve Phillips

(copied direct from email)

Dear Adam,

I joined right at the launch of Drive Protect and virtually immediately sought advice re a Camera Speeding fine.

My situation was unusual in that I had already received the Speeding Fine and was in written discussion regarding the situation with the authorities. Briefly your legal team swung into action and arranged for the the whole matter to be postponed for a year which took the immediate pressure off.

In the meantime it was recognised that because my ‘alleged offense’ was incurred before I was covered by Drive Protect they should not have really got involved.

However I subsequently had a detailed telephone conversation with your ‘Mr xxxxxxxx’ regarding the situation and he clearly covered all my ‘options’. I subsequently attended the Court and was found ‘Not Guilty’ – A RESULT!

I was so pleased and impressed with the outcome that I sent a (small) cheque to your legal team. (Incidentally they did not request payment – but in this instant I thought it only fair.)

Since then – I have not had cause to use Drive Protect again but will continue my membership – for the ‘peace of mind’ that it provides. Thank you.


Steve Phillips.

Case Study #4 – John Eaton

(copied direct from email)

They say that things happen in threes – this was certainly true in my case – having received three summons for speeding offences within the space of three years – on each occasion for travelling at 36 m.p.h in a 30 – zone – and (much to my irritation) all within a mile of each other.

Without the assistance of the legal advice obtained via Drive Protect on the last two summonses, I would be sweating it out on 9 points – but thanks to the very prompt and efficient advice received from the appointed team (who were extremely thorough), I’m not.

The avoidance of a prosecution, plus the peace of mind from the unequivocal advice received, has made the already reasonable cost of Drive Protect seem even better value for money, and a necessity rather than a luxury, as far as my Insurance requirements are concerned.

John Eaton

Case Study #5 – Paul Sanderson

(copied direct from email)

Hi Adam,
What can I say about Driveprotect’s service apart from FANTASTIC!!!!

I was caught averaging 110.6 miles per hour on my motorcycle on the M6 in July this year, the attending rent collector (Traffic Officer) told me that as I had been such a notorious (taxpaying) criminal , on a bright and sunny early Sunday morning, with virtually no traffic, and I hadnt stolen, murdered, raped, bribed or deceived anyone, and as I was totally insured, taxed,and mot’d and correctly attired.

… That I would be facing a lenghty ban as i was a menace to society and should be kept off the road!!

I think the real reason was that the bleep of the speed camera woke him and his colleague as I passed under the bridge they were asleep on, plus the fact it took them 7 miles to catch me!!!

However, I digress, back to Driveprotect, a lengthy ban would have basically closed my business.I am a self employed Motor Vehicle Technician covering some 50/60,000 miles per year, I also have a mobile marine engineering business covering the Northwest.

I called Driveprotect as soon as I received the summons and was told that a Barrister would be there to represent me on the day, Christine Hendrickson (Barrister) and I met at 9am on the morning of the hearing for the first time, I presented her with various character references , which she duly read through and planned her defence…….

In Court.

The previous two defendants had walked away with a six month ban and a huge fine, and 3 points and a £250 fine , so things didnt bode well.

Then, Ms Hendrickson took to the floor………… AWESOME!!!!!

I never had to utter a word, apart from pleading guilty to the charge.

A character witness waiting outside wasn’t needed.

I had a clean license, as the magistrates retired to deliberate my fate……………..

When they returned…………………………………………….

A £285 fine, £50 court costs and £15 other costs, £350 in total

A 7 day discretionary ban

NO POINTS!!!!! Yes , NO POINTS!!!!

I had to hide my smile.

I had totally expected , minimum 56 day ban, £8/900 fine and 6/9 points

I didnt have the heart to ask Driveprotect to reinburse my taxi fares for the week as I had taken the extra insurance to cover such an event.

If you drive or ride and still posess the spirit that only an englishman/woman posesses, then become a member!!!!!

Driveprotect works!!!!

Many thanks Adam,

Paul Sanderson

Case Study #6 – Mr Gasie

Re: Magistrates Court ****/2009
Fail to give information re driver’s identity – s.172 Notice
Speeding- exceed 50mph on restricted road

Further to your telephone conversation with the Police Prosecutor, Mr ****** earlier today, this is confirmation that all offences as listed above shall be withdrawn at court on 17/11/2009 and there shall be no further action.
Please note that I shall advise your client, Mr Emmanuel Gaisie, by letter of this decision.

Kind Regards

MCA Officer
MCA Unit

Reply from Mt Gaisie
Hi Adam,

Last Saturday I drove 70 miles round trip to thank my cousin Alfred and gave him a bottle of wine for introducing me to Drive Protect.
Penalty points between 6 and 9 were looming large, but Drive Protect Lawyer has got me out of trouble. Christmas has come early for me.

Thanks very much

Emmanuel P Gaisie

Case Study #7 – ‘Maureen’

Kim: Hi, is that Maureen?

Maureen: Yes.

Kim: Hello my name is Kim; I’m calling from Drive Protect.

Maureen: Yes, Hi.

Kim: I hear you are willing to give us a testimonial for the service you received.

Maureen: I would be delighted.

Kim: That’s lovely to hear, was there anything particular about the service? I hear your case was dropped by the CPS?

Maureen: Yes, and I ran the risk of 9 points because it wasn’t just speeding – I hadn’t filled out a form which was another 6 points

Kim: Oh, I see.

Maureen: So I was in danger of 9 points and god knows how they got me off, why they got me off but they dropped it.

Kim: That’s excellent, was there anything particular about the service that you thought was good?

Maureen: Brilliant, the whole lot, they handled it brilliantly, it was just so efficient and so organized. I couldn’t believe it and the main thing was that I got off, you know, I was just so thrilled.

Kim: That’s wonderful, so you wouldn’t mind if we put your name to a quote to say that the service was good?

Maureen: Absolutely, and because driving is my business, to me I would recommend anyone to have drive protect.

Kim: What is your line of business?

Maureen: I am a driver guide, so for me it’s essential. My licence could go almost; I need to work so it would have meant I couldn’t work. I need to drive and guide I couldn’t just have a chauffer to take me around so for me, is like, you can’t imagine.

Kim: Oh, I see

Maureen: The thing is, I wasn’t doing very much, I was allegedly only doing like 30 odd miles an hour, it was one of those flash cameras, those horrible mobile ones which I don’t know if they are calibrated correctly. That might be the technicality but it’s not my problem to work out the technicality, but the solicitor did, and got me off.

Kim: That’s wonderful.

Maureen: Yes but you know, it would have been my livelihood at risk and you know, you are always worrying that you will do another 35 miles an hour and get another 3 points and then that’s it.
You know I have driven for a long long long long time, I mean over 40 years and I have had a totally clean licence, you know I have never had a speeding ticket, I have had parking tickets but never speeding tickets. I am more likely to get a dozen parking tickets than one speeding ticket. I don’t know what they did, they were professional, they knew what they were talking about, they obviously knew what ever loophole it was they used and I don’t have any points on my licence and I didn’t even have to re-sit, you know do this, what do they call it, the erm, assessment, you know where they re-train you, I didn’t even have to do that and then pay them for it.

It was a very very good investment.

Kim: Ok, well we will put a testimonial from you on the website, thank you very much.

Maureen: I would rather you don’t use my name in full.

Kim: Ok, no problem.

Maureen: Thank you very much.

Kim: Bye

Maureen: Bye

Case Study #8 – Jeremy Skyrme

Thank you so much for your attention, that’s truly amazing customer service in
these days where people usually either don’t care, or aren’t prepared to.

You have my gratitude.

Best regards,

Dr Jeremy Skyrme

Case Study #9 – Jim

I received a notice stating that I been recorded doing 52mph in a 30mph limit.

I passed this to the Drive Protect Team.

Due to the seriousness of the offence, I was advised by the prosecutor that a fixed penalty was not appropriate and I would be taken to court.

The Drive Protect team wrote to the court requesting more details, Photos etc. The next thing we know we get a letter from the court saying case withdrawn.

I don’t believe I could have achieved this without the Drive Protect Team.

Thank you


Case Study #10 – Peter Hall

The knowledge and assistance provided by DriveProtect’s solicitor was invaluable in getting the 2 speeding notices withdrawn. Had they not known the relevant questions to ask of West Yorkshire Police, it would never have become apparent that they didn’t have the evidence to convict me of the 2 alleged offences.

It is concerning the potential number of people who may have simply agreed to take the points and fine for alleged offences on this stretch of motorway, when the police simply do not have evidence to back up their allegations. I would recommend drive protect to any motorist.

Peter Hall

Case Study #11 – Chris T.

I’ve been a member pretty much since it started and have used the service a few times not because I’m a good driver but because I have been lucky and haven’t been caught!

As a self-employed taxi driver I cover about 50,000 miles a year and my licence is crucial to me no licence = no driving = no earnings !

The first time I used it we had to go to court as I was charged with failing to provide information about the driver of the vehicle the Barrister explained that I was in hospital and we won the day no points great result.

And recently I was leaving a 30mph zone and less than 20 yards from a no speed limit sign so started to gently accelerate there was a camera van parked on the opposite side of the road which I was well aware of but assumed it was there to catch drivers coming from the no speed limit into the 30mph.

I honestly thought that that when in an lower speed zone you could increase speed in preparation for entering the higher speed zone when you could see the sign. WRONG!!!

Matthew from drive protect checked it all out for me and the law is you can’t exceed the speed limit until you pass the sign even if it is only yards away but when coming from a higher limit you have to slow down and be under the limit when you pass the sign.

Originally the police refused to give me the option of a course but after a very stern letter from Matthew pointing out the Law they changed their mind and allowed me to go on the course RESULT!! no points.

I can’t speak highly enough of the very professional and extremely friendly service Matthew and his team provided five star and Drive Protect is worth every penny it costs. They have saved me a lot more than it has cost me without a doubt, try having a Barrister for a day and see how much that cost’s ?

I wouldn’t be without them

A very happy member

Chris T

Case Study #12 – Steve P.

I have been with you for years.

My experience was a speeding summons’s which turned into ‘Not providing name of Driver’.

Matthew gave me detailed advice – I defended myself. The case was thrown out and the original speeding charge was subsumed (legal term) within the ‘Drivers name charge’ so went away as well. A perfect result – which without DP would have not been possible.

Thank you.

Regards Steve P.

Case Study #13 – Jake Eyre

I’ve been a DP member for years now. I think I’ve used the service about three or four times, and guess what…it’s worth every penny of the £13 odd a month that I pay for it.

I always
speak to the same lawyer, Mathew Coxall. He’s a no nonsense guy who really knows his onions. He just tells you what to do. You do it. Problem solved. Money well spent!

Jake Eyre

Case Study #14 – Peter Daly

From: Peter Daly
To: DriveProtect
Date: Monday, December 19, 2022 4:34 PM

I’m fairly certain he saved me 6 points and £200 in two fixed penalties!

Pretty much first year of DP membership paid for :)

Both of them were because police failed to prosecute within 6 months of the alleged offences, and I didn’t know about that rule before I spoke to Matthew.

His advice was to notify myself as the driver but not respond to the offers of fixed penalty because the due date to respond was beyond the 6 months prosecution deadline.

He said there was still a slight risk they’d printed the ‘see you in court’ letters at the same time as issuing the fixed penalty offers but as the prosecution deadline was Sept 24th for one and beginning of November for the other, I’m fairly confident I’ve dodged the bullets!

Peter Daly

Case Study #15 – Matt Lewis

From: Matt Lewis
To: DriveProtect
Subject: Review 
Date: Monday, 9 January 2023 8:29 PM

Hi Louisa, 

Review below as promised. 

“I was recommended to Drive Protect by a close family member. My situation was critical as I was looking at a long driving ban. The service and quick response I received from Matthew was first class.

I had to attend court, and with the help of Drive Protect and with the solicitor they provided I escaped a lengthy ban and was able to retain my licence. 

I can highly recommend this company, I was extremely grateful for their help and very impressed with their professionalism” 

Many thanks, 

Matt lewis 

Matthew R Lewis

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