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Are Speeding Lawyers “good guys” or “bad guys”?

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Dear All, DriveProtect has been running for 10 Years this month! During that time I’ve met a lot of speeding lawyers… Lawyers are one of those professions that people love to hate. I must confess that I used to dislike them myself… From a young age it’s been presented to us in the mainstream media […]

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Met using DRONES as Speed Cameras?!

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  Dear All, The Metropolitan Police have just started testing a flying DRONE speed camera to catch Motorists in London. They’ll be using the ‘speed camera in the sky’ to “catch dangerous drivers”. The type of drone the Met is using is manufactured by Canadian company Aeryon. It was designed to be used for tactical surveillance in […]

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Police get paid £45 per Speed Awareness Course!

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  Dear All, It was reported recently that 4 speeding drivers are caught in the UK every 15 seconds. In the space of one year almost 2.3 million people were given a speeding ticket in the UK. These figures are a little out of date, so my strong suspicion is that it’s significantly more drivers […]

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Fines For Going 1mph Over Speed Limit Coming?

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According to a report seen by a mainstream Sunday newspaper, the National Police Chiefs’ Council have started an official review, with a view to fining motorists for doing just 1mph over the speed limit. This idea has been discussed in the press before, but now seems like a distinct possibility of becoming a reality in […]

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Are Speed Cameras Part of a Wider Conspiracy?

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  I was thinking the other day while driving to visit my parents on the south coast that it feels like the new speed limit on motorways is 50mph… For what felt like half the journey I was looking at my Talex constantly to make sure I wasn’t going over the speed limit. It was […]

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Highways Agency: Incompetence or Fraud?

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  I was driving home from a kart race last week. It was around 11pm and as I was about to turn off the motorway the overhead gantry read; “Stranded vehicle ahead”. I know this stretch of road on the M20 and so knew that there are “smart motorway” cameras about a mile or so […]

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1 in 3 British Motorists Fined Each Year…

Posted on 21 Comments

  A study just out has uncovered that nearly one in three Motorists are being fined every year in the UK for Speeding. As many as 12 Million drivers receive a penalty notice each year. That’s one every two and a half seconds. These speeding fines are bringing in more than £800M in revenue. And […]

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The Speed Camera that made £1.5 Million in Six Months…

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  A Freedom of Information request by a Motorist fined by a Speed Camera on London’s North Circular has uncovered that the camera made £1.5 million in fines in just six-months! Terry Payne made the Freedom of Information request after being fined by the camera last year. It revealed that since it went live in […]

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Maximum Speeding Fines To Increase…

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  On April 24th, Magistrates in England and Wales will be given new powers to fine Motorists one and a half times their weekly income for “more serious” speeding offences. The previous maximum that Magistrates were allowed to fine was 1 weeks income, but on Tuesday this week it was announced that this amount will be increased by 50% […]

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Councils to Enforce Motoring Offences in 2017?

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  Under a new proposal put forward to the house of commons, councils across the UK could be handed new powers to fine motorists for minor motoring “offences”. If approved by MPs in the New Year it will mean that the enforcement of “moving traffic offences” will switch from the Police to councils. Currently this system […]

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