Got a Speeding Ticket?

Picture the scene: you’re pottering around the house on a Saturday morning when the post drops through the letterbox. Flipping through you see bills, more bills, junk, a takeaway leaflet…

When suddenly you stop at an important looking letter. You gingerly open it, and with dread you realise it’s a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP)!

Is it possible to get out of speeding tickets? What do you do?

Assuming that the speeding fine has been received withing 14 days, you need to act.

If you’ve got a speeding ticket by don’t want to accept the points on your licence then it’s important to keep a level head and we suggest contacting speeding solicitors.

This will make fighting the NIP a lot easier!

What next?

Well, that depends on whether you’re a DriveProtect member or not. If you’re not, then you should really think about becoming a Member.

Read on and you’ll find out how becoming a Member of DriveProtect can help you keep your driving licence…

You can now join if you’ve already got a speeding ticket, and we’ll be significantly cheaper than most highstreet speeding solicitors.

I’m a Member!

Smart move. This is actually the easy bit; just give us a call and tell us what’s happened! The number is 01843 232791, and our friendly team will connect you with the Road Traffic Lawyers we contract with to defend Members.

They are on hand to advise you on what to do next about your speeding ticket. Important: please have your Membership Number available before calling (if you have lost it, just email us and we’ll send it to you again).

It’s important to get in touch as soon as possible so that the Lawyers have time to review your case properly, which includes looking for any procedural errors in the way the speeding fine was issued.

They’ll give you specific legal advice on exactly what your next steps should be. Ideally we want to get your ticket overturned without ever having to go to Court, with no fine, driving ban or penalty points.

So give them as much information as possible! You’ll get expert advice on how to deal with the speeding fine and exactly what you should do.

Whether we’re going to the Police or Safety Camera Partnership regarding a procedural error or to establish what evidence they have against you, the Lawyers are always fighting your corner.

I’ve got a speeding ticket and have to go to Court, and I’m scared!

Don’t be. This is what the Solicitors do, day in, day out.

You can read about a recent experience at Court hearing by our Founder, Adam, here:

My experience with a speeding lawyer

The Solicitors can work with you to prepare your case and represent you in Court to try and get the best possible outcome. Going to Court is always going to be stressful, so at least we’ll be there to hold your hand (not literally)!

We won!

Glad to hear it! Obviously we wouldn’t recommend this happens again though. Always drive safely and within the speed limit and you’ll avoid points on your license and having to spend a whole day at one of those speed awareness courses!

That said, you probably want that peace of mind DriveProtect offers too. By remaining a member with us, you know that if anything similar ever happens again, we’re just a phone call away and ready to defend your driving license!

And for those who aren’t members yet (we know you’re still reading), you really should consider becoming a Member now.

Still not convinced? We’ve actually written an in-depth guide on how to get out of a speeding ticket – a quick read of that may change your mind!

How to become a Member of DriveProtect:

You can Become a Member online here

Or call the Membership Team to have your questions answered on: 01843 232 791