How Do Noise Cameras Work?

The British Government has recently reported that it’s determined to crack down on vehicles that are very noisy by using noise cameras. They are reportedly doing this in a bid to make people in communities across Britain much happier.

The new technology will detect illegal noise levels so that they are no longer on our roads. The noise and emissions produced by some vehicles can impact the lives of people who are blighted by noisy vehicles.

Breaking Legal Noise Limits

The Department for Transport is specifically targeting those vehicles that break the legal noise limits and make lives a misery. They plan to do this by detecting excessive noise thanks to the use of the new noise cameras.

These cameras will soon be found in a few locations around Britain in the next few months. It is hoped the new technology will help us lead the way in reducing noise on the road.

Using automated number plate recognition, the new cameras could help to reinforce the law.  The British Government also hopes the cameras could end noise pollution that makes the lives of people who live nearby quite unhappy.

How do They Work?

Noise cameras work in a similar way to speed cameras. Noise will trigger the camera which will then take a photograph of the offending vehicle.

Making our Streets a Misery 

The Transport Secretary Chris Grayling was reported as saying that noise pollution can make the lives of some people in Britain an absolute misery. He also went on to say that noise pollution has health impacts.

These exciting new cameras could help communities across Britain feel more at ease as there will be less noise to deal with. Mr Grayling also went on to say that he’s determined to crack down on noisy drivers.

More specifically, he said he wanted to crack down on the drivers who blight our streets.

Law-Abiding Drivers

Most drivers around Britain are law-abiding, and the trail that will soon take place is not intended to target them. It is intended to target the noise in our community, however, no-one is yet sure what illegal noise levels are.

While the British Government says there are strict regulations regarding noise we have seen little to no action taken against those who break these regulations. The cameras may be a potential way of detecting vehicles with excessive noise but for now it seems we’re all left guessing as to what those levels are.

Motorcycles and Excessive Noise

Motorcycles are undoubtedly some of the loudest vehicles on our roads. The introduction of new noise cameras could cause an issue for motorcycle manufacturers.

This is because the motorcycles they produce will need to follow even stricter regulations. If the new cameras are to be installed all over Britain, when manufacturers produce new motorcycles they will have to work even harder.

This is because vehicles that exceed the legal noise limits will not be allowed on the roads. Any vehicles including motorcycles will need exhausts and silencers that must be maintained by law.

What this means is that those vehicles that have been altered so they’re louder will not be allowed on the road until they’re re-adjusted.

The British Government has said these cameras could work to make everyone’s lives better. However, many see it as a means to get more money from cash-strapped drivers.

We cannot say for sure what the penalty for excessive noise will be. Time will tell what the government decide.