Should I get a Solicitor for Speeding?

A speeding solicitor who deals with the subject of speeding will see many cases every month. The law surrounding road traffic offences has recently changed and solicitors are now dealing with perhaps more cases than ever before.

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A solicitor that you choose to hire should be authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and they should be registered in england wales has solicitors that are also authorised and regulated by the SRA.

There are some speeding offence cases that do not require a solicitor to be involved.  In cases such as these, it may not make sense to pay for legal advice.

So should you pay the local police the money or attend court and represent yourself? Or do you hire a solicitor and pay the fixed fees or hourly rates they have?

The answer to this question is: It depends on the offence that you are charged with. There are 4 different categories of motoring offences that are worth considering:

  • Fine only
  • Offences that come with penalty points
  • Offences that result in mandatory disqualification
  • Offences that result in imprisonment

If you think you are about to face prison you should hire a lawyer to deal with your case. This will ensure you are more likely to receive a fair sentence or penalty if you are pleading guilty.

If it looks like your driving licence might be revoked or you’re likely to be disqualified you should consider hiring a lawyer.

Going it Alone

If the alleged speeding offence is a fixed penalty offence then you may not wish to hire a solicitor. There are many different types of motoring offences that can result in a fine of up to £1,000.

For example, stopping your vehicle on the hard shoulder could result in a fine. In a case such as this, it could be better if you simply pay the fine.

Another example of when you should consider going it alone is if you have failed to wear your seat belt. Just make sure you buckle up every time you drive so you don’t end up having to pay a fine.

However, if you do choose to represent yourself you might have to be prepared to gather witness statements and any evidence.

The Cost Associated with Defending a Motoring Prosecution

If you would like a speeding solicitor to represent you their initial advice is typically provided for free. The initial consultation is there to ensure the solicitor understands the case and work out how they are going to deal with it.

Your solicitor will charge you depending on how complex your case is and the nature of the case itself. It is these factors which determine how long your case will take to complete.

Some cases might be relatively simple and can be dealt with quickly. Other cases could be a lot more complex particularly if they choose to charge you with something else or new evidence comes to light.

Costs Vary Widely

Costs can and to vary widely between speeding solicitors. Some may charge extra because they have a wealth of experience and a great reputation, others may charge less because they have a little less experience.

The costs associated with professional legal advice can typically be between £900 and £1,900 plus VAT. Additional costs such as travelling expenses and extra work may also be added.

Some solicitors charge hourly rates as opposed to fixed rates. These rates can typically be from as little as £111 per hour to as much as £300 per hour.

More experienced solicitors will have a higher hourly rate as will those who work in London. The speeding solicitor cost whereby they are paid an hourly rate could, therefore, be very high, particularly if your case is a complex one

The Typical Cost Compared to Drive Protect’s Fees

As we have already seen, the cost of hiring speeding solicitors can be quite high. When you compare the cost of hiring a solicitor to Drive Protect’s fees there is a distinct difference.

There is a one-off joining fee which ranges from £59 to £195 depending on whether you have an outstanding speeding ticket. In addition to a £17.50 monthly fee, you will have access to our specialist road traffic solicitors.

Our solicitors will provide you with legal advice and they will represent you in court should your case go to a magistrates court. You can, therefore, get the same level of legal help for a lot less.

If you are pleading guilty to a motoring law offence you may wish to seek legal advice. A solicitor can argue your case and ensure that you’re more likely to get a fair hearing.