Speeding Lawyer Cost

If you have been caught speeding you might want to get help from a speeding lawyer. Lawyers who have experience with speeding offence cases can offer you initial advice and help you to understand what could happen next.

Whether you have been caught drink driving, or a speed camera flashed at you and you’re expecting a speeding ticket, there is always a chance that your case could be taken to a magistrates court. Attending court might seem quite overwhelming which is where a speeding lawyer can come in and help.

If getting more penalty points could result in you being disqualified from driving you should seek legal representation.

How Much Does Legal Representation Cost?

Legal representation for motoring offences can be quite expensive. The prices that have been set out below are estimates.

Every speeding offence case is different and, may, therefore, result in different legal fees. However, the fees below should give you an idea:

Drink or Drug Driving or Failing to Provide a Specimen:

  • – Guilty plea: £200 to £500.
  • – Guilty plea and the Special Reasons argument £500 to £1,000
  • – Not-guilty Plea and a trial £1,000 to £2,000

Exceptional Hardship or Adding up Penalty points when Admitting Guilt:

  • – Cost of representation £500 to £1,000

Speeding Offences when Admitting Guilt:

  • – A guilty plea and written representation £200 to £400
  • – Representation in court for a guilty plea £300 to £600

What do the Costs Include?

If you are considering entering a not guilty plea the costs are based on the 1st hearing and a one-day trial. The above estimates do not include travel costs or any expert fees.

The prices for a guilty plea usually include:

  • – The initial meeting
  • – The reviewing of any evidence
  • – Advice regarding your case and the court process
  • – The meeting you’ll have prior to attending court (if necessary)
  • – The meeting at court prior to your hearing
  • – Representation in court
  • – Advice and assistance after the hearing

In some cases where you have been caught speeding, you may have done everything right. You may have responded to the notice of intended prosecution and admitted that you committed the road traffic offences.

However, there is always a chance that you could end up in court. This is because you may have broken speed limits or have been found guilty of dangerous driving.

If you intend to plead guilty and your offence is deemed bad enough to go to court you might need legal representation. Legal representation is unlikely to be free even though legal aid still exists.

This is because it is rarely granted for any driving offence case. You may, therefore, still have to pay the court costs even if you have entered a guilty plea.


If you become a  DriveProtect Member, You Will Get These Benefits:

We work with Road Traffic Lawyers who are highly experienced. We do this so we can provide our Members with the Legal Advice they need. We will also ensure they have Representation in Court should the require it.

When you receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution or a Summons or if you are stopped by the Police our members can:

1) Contact our Road Traffic Lawyers. They will have unlimited access to our lawyers

Our Lawyers will work alongside you to determine if there are any issues with evidence. They will also try to determine if there were any errors when the evidence was was obtained.

If the lawyer spots a procedural error they will tell you how you can approach the Safety Camera Partnership or the Police. They will give you this advice with an aim to overturn the ticket so you don’t have to attend Court.

The lawyer will try to determine if the offence occurred. If there is an element of doubt surrounding this or surrounding who was driving the vehicle they will show the Camera Partnership or the Police their evidence.

They will do this with an aim to overturn the ticket so you don’t have to attend Court.

2) Representation at Court (excess applies)

If you plan to plead Not Guilty or there is doubt about who was driving or you wish to claim “mitigating circumstances” and admit you are guilty the lawyers will prepare your case and  will represent you at Court. They will do this with an aim to obtain best outcome possible.

Here at Drive Protect, we have many articles with advice about speeding lawyers and speeding tickets that can prove helpful. A list of the articles can be found on our Speeding Ticket Articles page.

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