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If you’ve found this page then I’m assuming you’re either looking for a Speeding Lawyer or seriously thinking that you might need one…

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If you’ve received a speeding ticket (NIP) you’ll likely fall in to one of three categories:

You think you’re innocent of the charge of speeding and want to fight the NIP;

You’re not sure whether you’re guilty of the charge of speeding or not, but want to fight the NIP;

You know that you’re ‘guilty’ of speeding and want to get the best possible outcome at Court – this is called “Mitigating Circumstances”.

Whats the difference between “Normal” Speeding Lawyers and DriveProtect?

DriveProtect is a Membership organisation which gives our Members access to specialist Speeding lawyers at a significantly discounted rate.

Rather than having to find, interview and then negotiate with a lawyer to fight a speeding ticket yourself, Members get access to our specially selected road traffic lawyers.

Because we put so much “business” their way (i.e. drivers who need representation at Court for speeding offences), Members benefit from significantly reduced costs compared with hiring a speeding lawyer directly.

We also pay our Lawyers a monthly retainer to offer phone and email advice to Members and to try to get their speeding tickets overturned before ever reaching court.

To illustrate with a hypothetical (but not untypical) example:

If you went directly to a specialist speeding lawyer, you may pay them £250 for an initial consultation (which is almost always a requirement of Lawyers to take you on as a client).

They will then either offer you a fixed fee to represent you at Court — based on their best guess about the hours they will have to work – or tell you their hourly rate (lets assume £300/hour for the purposes of this example – yes, specialist speeding solicitors are EXPENSIVE!).

You would then get a payment request for money “on account” even before the work of defending you has been done!

You receive the final bill at the end, hopefully with the desired outcome…

This is not a cheap way of protecting your driving licence!

The other issue besides cost is:

How do you actually select a Speeding Lawyer?

Well, for most drivers, they would simply conduct a google search, call one of the first solicitor websites that pop up and… hope for the best!

This is absolutely the WORST way of hiring a road traffic lawyer (or any solicitor for that matter) and is usually because ‘normal’ people aren’t used to hiring lawyers.

Think about it; would you hire a babysitter just from a quick google search? Of course not!

You would really want them to come recommended, or at very least with credentials you can check.

If you’re going to hire a speeding lawyer then they really need to come recommended.

Like anything in life, lawyers are humans which means:

Some are good.

Some are bad.

And some are great.

So what’s the alternative to directly hiring a speeding offence lawyer?

I’m glad you asked :- )

By becoming a Member of DriveProtect, you get unlimited access to our speeding lawyers.

The best scenario is to have your case thrown out before reaching Magistrates Court.

This can happen if there have been any “procedural errors”.

The lawyers are expert in this and if there has been any procedural error, they’ll advise you how to liaise with the “Safety Camera Partnership” or Police to try to ensure the ticket is overturned before ever reaching Court.

The lawyers will also work with you to see if there’s doubt that the alleged offence actually happened, or if there’s doubt about who was driving at the time of the alleged offence.

They will also work to discover if there is doubt that the speed alleged is accurate.

If there is doubt, they’ll present this evidence to the Camera Partnership or Police Officer handling the case and try to have the ticket overturned before reaching Court.

The best possible result is of course an apology and no penalty points

If the lawyers can’t get the ticket overturned, you can decide whether to take the points on your licence, or have a specialist speeding lawyer or barrister attend Court to defend you.

If you decide to go to Court to defend your speeding ticket/NIP then this is where it starts to get really expensive with the conventional route of hiring a motoring offence lawyer yourself!

Not so with DriveProtect.

DriveProtect Members pay only £100 excess for representation at Court if you’re already a Member at the time of the NIP, or £600 if the alleged offence occurred before becoming a Member.

I think you would agree that this represents extremely good value compared with going direct to a speeding lawyer?

Here’s one of many reviews we’ve received over the years from a very happy Member to illustrate:

Review of Speeding Lawyers

Members choose DriveProtect because it gives you piece of mind that we’ve handled the lawyer selection and recruited who we believe to be one of the best speeding lawyers in the UK.

It’s also much cheaper than hiring a speeding lawyer directly yourself.

We’ve been operating since 2009 and have a good reputation in the industry (although many speeding lawyers don’t like us too much as you can imagine!).

The lawyers we use to advise and represent Members will get the best possible result for you at Court — or hopefully before ever reaching Court.

How to become a Member of DriveProtect:

You can either join online here or give us a call on 01843 232 791

All the best,

Adam Blair
Founder, DriveProtect


If you have questions about joining, our Membership Advisors will be happy to assist. We don’t do high pressure sales – we are here to help existing and future Members with their speeding fines.

The speeding offence solicitors DriveProtect uses can also help with other aspects of motoring law.

Whether you’ve received a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) for using a mobile phone while driving, drink driving, dangerous driving or have just been caught speeding by a speed camera where you are just over the speed limits, we can help.

In many instances of Members being caught by speed cameras, a speed awareness course can be requested if that’s what you prefer.

The views expressed in this article are those of the Author and Drive Protect Ltd and are not necessarily those of the speeding offence solicitors we use.

About the Author:

Adam Blair started “BTST” (Beat The Speed Trap) back in 2005 to help British Motorists beat speeding tickets.

In 2009 he founded DriveProtect which was created as a “co-operative” to give drivers access to proven speeding lawyers at a fraction of the cost of the conventional route of hiring a lawyer direct.


You can Become a Member online here

Or call the Membership Team to have your questions answered on: 01843 232 791