Speeding Solicitors UK

If a police officer or a speed camera has allegedly caught you speeding, you might need the help of our speeding solicitors UK. Here at Drive Protect, we are proud to offer you help

This is thanks to the vast amount of experience our solicitors have. Did you know that due to some changes in British motoring law many motorists are treated as criminals?.

This is the case for anyone who has been caught speeding and who is likely to receive a notice of intended prosecution. The good news is that our speeding offence solicitors are here for you.

It does not matter what speed limits you are alleged to have broken or whether you think you might lose your driving licence, we can help. We are happy to work with anyone who has used mobile phones while they’re driving or if they’ve been drink driving and broken the speed limit.

Here at Drive Protect, we are also happy to work with anyone who has received a speeding ticket. This is the case when they refuse to believe they should accept the ticket.

Here for you 

Our speeding solicitors UK are here to help you, no matter your predicament. They can take a look at your case and determine what they can do to help you.

If it looks like your case could end up going to a magistrates court our solicitors will tell you. They will also help you to prepare for court and show the court evidence they think will help to reduce any motoring charges.


Our Speeding Solicitors 

When you speak to our speed offence lawyer they will advise you as to what they think you should do. They could suggest that you accept a place on a speed awareness course that has been offered to you.

However, they will only do this if they don’t think you have a case. If one of our motoring offence lawyers thinks you have a case they will fight your corner.

This is especially the case if they think that losing your driving licence could greatly affect your daily life. Please note that every single speeding ticket case is different and your lawyer will treat it differently.

If someone you know has had penalty points reduced by the court it does not mean they’ll do the same for you. Your lawyer will take a close look at your case and the circumstances that surround it.

And they will then decide how they can help you and how you will need to proceed.

If you are Facing a Driving Ban 

Think you’re facing a driving ban? you might already have 3 to 6 penalty points on your licence. If you think you’re going to have at least 6 more points added you could be facing a ban.

Do you need a driving licence to get to work or as part of your job? The prospect of being banned from driving could be quite challenging.

This is where you will need the help of our speeding solicitors UK. But please do not consider representing yourself in court as you could make matters worse for yourself.

You should ideally get the help of a solicitor who is authorised and regulated by the solicitors regulation authority. A solicitor who is authorised can help you to navigate the often confusing world of speeding law.

They can argue in court on your behalf. They could also (if applicable) show the court evidence that could help to reduce any penalty they give you.

Drive Protect’s Solicitors 

If you have a driving licence that’s registered in england and wales, we can help you. Please note, there might be different laws for drivers who live in Scotland.

Did you know that our solicitors have got the police to offer a driver a place on a speed awareness course? This is how good they are.

The police had not previously offered the driver a place on the course until our solicitors intervened. What this meant is the driver did not get extra points added to their licence.

They did have to pay the fixed fee but having a place on the course meant their driving licence was not affected.

This is how good our speeding solicitors are, they can help drivers to face fewer penalties, allowing them to get back on the road once more.

Do you Need Speeding Solicitors UK?

It is your decision as to whether you should hire one of our solicitors. If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution in the mail you might not necessarily need to hire a solicitor.

This is only the case if you think you’re guilty of breaking the speed alleged to have been travelled at. However, if you don’t think you’re guilty then chances are you’ll need to hire a solicitor.

If you think your case might end up in court, you should always make sure you have a solicitor to represent you. This is because no magistrate’s court will take kindly to you representing yourself.


If you Don’t Use your Car for Work 

Let’s imagine that you don’t use your car for work and you receive a speeding ticket. It would be safe to assume that you might not need to hire a lawyer.

This is because doing so could work out quite expensive for you, especially if you lose your case. The court will look more kindly on a driver who uses their car to get to work, or who drives for a living.


Did you know that a court could be a bit more lenient if losing your licence will adversely affect you. If you’re not going to be adversely affected then it might not be worth the time, effort, and money hiring a lawyer, unless, of course, you believe you should not have received a speeding ticket.

If you think you do need the help and representation that our speeding solicitors UK can provide, call Drive Protect as soon as possible. We can help you by referring you to one of our solicitors who have a lot of experience dealing with speeding cases.