Can Speeding Lawyers Save your Licence?

If you have been caught speeding you may be worried about losing your driving licence. However, a speeding lawyer can potentially save your licence by using British motoring law to your advantage.

Read on for more information about how your licence could be saved.

Special Reasons Arguments

In some driving cases, offences are committed that are not the driver’s fault. This is because they tend to stem from what a speeding lawyer may call a “Strict liability offence”.

What this means is that you are likely to be found guilty regardless of whether you committed the motoring offence. As far as your road traffic offence might be concerned it’s difficult for a defence to be found.

This is the case even when you may not be at fault. It may also be the case even if your excuse for dangerous driving (Or a number of speeding offences) is very good.

The good news is that the law does allow for a “Special reasons” argument to be given. This means there is the potential for you to keep your driving licence in a case where you may otherwise lose it.

Special Reasons Arguments: What Offences Qualify for Them?

A special reasons argument can apply to driving offences where there is a risk that you may lose your licence. It can also apply to offences where there’s a risk of penalty points being added to it.

Exceptional Hardship and Special Reasons: What’s the Difference?

An exceptional hardship argument consists of a court taking a look at the circumstances that surround your case and your dependants. The court will then decide if penalty points should be added to your licence.

This could occur where you may face a driving ban for having 12 or more point on your licence. Special reasons relate to the actual offence rather than the individual who committed the offence.

Special Reasons Arguments

If it’s thought that you have broken the law solicitors may try to use a special reasons argument. However, in order to do so the following criteria must be met:

• The reasons must not amount to a defence
• Your reasons must be those which the court can take into account when they make a decision as to what sentence they should pass
• The reasons must relate to the commission of the offence rather than the offender
• There must be mitigating circumstances which lessen the offences severity

When a speeding lawyer uses a special reasons argument they are telling the court you’re guilty of  the offence. The offence could be driving without insurance, drink driving, using a mobile phone or breaking the speed limit.

However, the lawyer will argue that there are special reasons that mean you should not receive punishment or the normal punishment.

If the court chooses to accept the argument it can:

• Impose penalty points on your licence rather than giving you a driving ban
• Impose no points in cases when the normal punishment would be points being added to your licence

New Drivers and Special Reasons

New drivers need to ensure they are always careful when they’re driving. If a new driver were to receive 6 or more points on their licence within the first 2 years of driving their licence will be revoked.

In a case such as this, the hardship argument cannot be used, rather, the only option is to use a special reasons argument. If a new driver is found to have no insurance they could face getting 6 fixed penalty points added to their licence.

What this ultimately means is that the new driver may lose their licence unless their speeding lawyer can show that special reasons apply. A special reasons argument can be difficult to put to the court in a legal and factual sense.

This is because the lawyer needs to have experience in using arguments that are more than likely to work in such circumstances. This is why you should always try to seek legal advice and representation.

Legal advice could result in fewer points being added or you being saved from a driving ban.

Is DriveProtect Good Value?

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