Lawyer Speeding Ticket Cost

Whether you were travelling at 50 mph above the speed limit, or 5 mph above the speed limit, if you have been caught speeding you may have been given a speeding ticket.

Speeding tickets can escalate quickly if you’re not sure how to act and do nothing.

However, things may work in your favour if you can get a speeding lawyer on your side.

If you’ve broken the speed limit and you were stopped by a police officer you may also find it worthwhile to hire a lawyer. This is because hiring a lawyer can be highly beneficial to the speeding ticket cost!

If it looks as though your case may be heading to court, you really should get legal advice. Hiring a lawyer to represent you could be helpful if you’ve been caught speeding in the past, or you were travelling well in excess of the speed limit. When it comes to hiring a lawyer speeding ticket cost can make the decision for you!

This is because the cost of a Lawyer can have a BIG impact on the ultimate speeding ticket cost!

What a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Does

A speeding ticket lawyer who specialises in reckless driving and road traffic laws is more than capable of understanding legal jargon. They can even identify any flaws in your case and potentially use those flaws to your advantage.

Legal representation will also ensure that you get all the help you need and you’re not left to fend for yourself.

What a Speeding Lawyer Aims to do

Regardless of what type of motoring offence is alleged to have taken place, a road traffic lawyer will work with you to minimise the speeding ticket cost and reduce any penalties.

They will also work with the court to negotiate any alternatives to a fine or licence revocation that the court may be aiming for. If it is at all possible, the lawyer will also work to get the speeding ticket overturned altogether.

Penalty Reduction

When it comes to the violation of speed limits you may find that you’re either threatened with points on your driving licence or points on your driving record.

It would be great if you did not have to pay a fine (Plus any court costs, if you’re liable for them). However, if it looks as though you may receive points on your licence you should try to work with a traffic lawyer to remove them.

The number of points that you may end up receiving will depend on how fast you were travelling and if you’ve received points in the past. Whatever the case may be, getting points added to your licence is never a good thing.

Points and Car Insurance

If you have points added to your driving licence they are likely to affect your insurance rates. This is irrespective of the driving offence and is likely to see your rates increasing for at least a few years.

Negotiating Alternatives

If you are planning to hire a speeding ticket lawyer you may be interested to know that they could negotiate an alternative for you. A popular alternative to adding points to your licence is to refer you to a speed awareness course.

Attending a speed awareness course can have a few benefits. It can ensure your speeding ticket is dismissed and remove points on your licence. Attending a speed awareness course can also help to prevent additional points on your licence from building up. Finally, there is the potential that your insurance rate stays low.

If you are offered the chance to attend a speed awareness course it’s an offer you should consider taking if you want to keep points off your driving licence.

Dismissing A Speeding Ticket

Your lawyer may try to have your speeding ticket dismissed. However, you must make sure that the officer who issued you with the ticket doesn’t appear in court. This is because they may have evidence to prove that you were in the wrong.

Please note, if your speeding ticket is dismissed you may still have to pay a fine.

Hiring a Speeding Lawyer

When it comes to hiring a speeding lawyer you may wonder if it’s worth it. You will have to pay their hourly rate while they try to help you avoid the ticket.

If you’re thinking of handling the case yourself try to determine whether having more points on your licence is ok. If the lawyer’s fees are more than the fine this should be a red light. You may want to reconsider paying a lawyer if the fee is not very high.