New “super” speed camera to UK?

New “super” speed camera to UK?

A new “super” mobile speed camera that’s currently being used in France could be coming to the UK…

According to Visor Down, the Parifex Nano mobile speed camera has been “authorised to begin trials” in the UK:

The camera uses lidar (laser) to scan the road over 360 degrees in all directions.

It can measure the speed of multiple vehicles at the same time, as well as measuring acceleration and deceleration…

It can also ‘catch’ drivers where their wheels cross a painted line, as well as those who are not wearing a seat belt, drive close to other cars (even if momentarily), as well as picking up many other so-called “offences”.

It also automatically determines whether a vehicle is a pedestrian walking, a car, van, truck, motorcycle, or a bicycle.

And I’m going to make a prediction here…

I reckon it will have face recognition technology…

You know, like they have in China …and, actually, in the UK too, as exposed by BTST Member, Ron, who works in the industry in 2020.

What a wonderful world of complete totalitarian control we are headed towards!

Unless — that is — we collectively decide to not comply…

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