Noise Cameras

Noise Cameras that have recently been introduced will help to detect noisy, illegal vehicles. The hope is keep the streets where they operate quieter.

These new cameras could help to crack down on “nuisance drivers who blight our streets”. They will work in quite the same way as speed cameras do.

The technology, it is hopes will make our towns and cities quieter. The noise cameras will work to ensure that drivers who are breaking the law will be targeted.

Trials are expected to take place around the UK in the next few months. The Department for Transport is working hard to target those vehicles that disturb the lives of people.

To begin with, noisy vehicles that are being targeted are those which break the legal noise limits.

Measuring Noise Pollution

The new technology which the British Government plan to trial will measure noise pollution illegal exhausts and other factors. These factors could make living in some parts of Britain an absolute misery.

These new cameras could work by using automated number plate recognition. They will use ANPR to help the Government enforce the law.

Ultimately, this technology will help us lead the way when it comes to ensuring communities across Britain are not blighted by illegal vehicles.

Beyond the Legal Limits

The new noise cameras could help to catch drivers who rev their motorcycle or car engines beyond the legal limits. Drivers who behave this way create a lot of misery for people in communities who have to put up with the noise. 

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling was reported as saying that the health impacts of noise pollution can make people miserable. This is the reason why he is determined to crack down on those drivers who make our streets a less-than-desirable place to be.

Subsequently, noise cameras will help the UK lead the way when it comes to making our cities and towns so much quieter.

Who Does The Trial Target?

The trial that is expected to start in 2019 will not target drivers who are not breaking the noise laws. It will, instead, target those who make a nuisance of themselves.

Every single vehicle that is used on the roads has to meet the UK’s strict noise limits. They have to do this even before they are allowed to be used on the road.

As soon as a vehicle is being used, silencers and exhausts must be maintained by law and kept in good working order. Vehicles must not be altered in such a way that their noise levels increase.

Motorcycles and Noise Pollution

The CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association recently said that there is more pressure on the environment to become a healthier one. This means that some changes may have to be made.

Motorcycle manufacturers work to ensure issues including noise pollution, illegal exhausts are bought to the forefront. Manufacturers produce new motorcycles that currently do not promote any of the benefits that these vehicles offer.

Furthermore, motorcycles that follow the strict regulations regarding noise are welcomed by the Motorcycle Industry Association. The trials are a great way to help detect the issue of noise on our roads.

Current Enforcement

At the time of writing, the current enforcement of noise pollution relies on the judgement of others. However, when riders attract unwanted attention some people may not be alarmed whereas others may.

The new technology will help to ensure that issues that affect the environment including noise pollution are dealt with. The cameras will take the vehicle’s speed and class into account.

They will also take the vehicle’s location into account. Finally, if the trials are a success it is likely that the use of noise cameras will be used across the UK

If you’ve been caught on one of these new cameras and would like to speak to a Motoring Offence Solicitors, we recommend checking out this article or feel free to give us a call!