Solicitor Caught Speeding

If you have recently been caught speeding you may want to consider hiring a speeding solicitor. A solicitor can take a close look at the possible speeding ticket and the surrounding circumstances to determine if you are in as much trouble as you think.

Many speed cameras do not work as well as they should. While they do work to enforce speed limits they may not have been calibrated recently. This could ultimately mean that you may have been caught when you shouldn’t have been.

Sceptical Courts

If you are told to attend a magistrates court because you were snapped by a speed camera you may wonder what’s going to happen.

The truth is that magistrates are not always used to dealing with the facts of a case. Rather, they deal with legal points. This can potentially mean that your defence could be viewed with a bit of scepticism.

The Code of Practice

If your case is viewed with scepticism an expert may be called in to give the court some advice. The Code of Practice that’s used by the Association of Chief Police Officers details how evidence should be gathered for a speeding charge.

It’s never guaranteed that you will be able to avoid a ban or points. However, a speeding lawyer will do what they can to ensure you face the least amount of points possible. If it looks as though you may be banned from driving they will try to reduce your ban.

The Code of Practice could come in handy for speeding offence solicitors as it can help show if cameras were set up properly and if the device was used correctly.

Disqualification from Driving

If you are worried you’ll have your driving licence revoked for a specific period of time please note that disqualifications can vary. They can all depend on the circumstances that surround your case, why you were speeding, and even where you were speeding.

Magistrates may award you with a penalty point or 3, perhaps even as much as 6 points depending on your case. If you are issued with penalty points you may also be issued with a fine. However, if you admit you were in the wrong it’s unlikely that you will have to go to court.

This may be because courts tend to appreciate those who admit they were in the wrong. Admitting you may have been wrong could be hard but you may be let off with a smaller fine or fewer penalty points.

Fixed Penalty Notices

You may simply be issued with a fixed penalty notice and told to attend a speed awareness course. This will mean you won’t get points added to your licence this time around. However, if you’re caught speeding again you will not be given this option. Instead, you will be told to pay a fine and points will be added to your licence.

Please note that road traffic offences have different penalties in England and Wales than they do in Scotland. If you were caught speeding in Scotland please contact a solicitor who deals with Scottish speeding laws.

40% Over the Speed Limit

If you were travelling more than 40% over the speed limit you may be faced with a driving ban. A ban such as this usually lasts at least 14 days and can be as much as one year. However, you may be issued with 6 points on your licence instead.

Please note that having more points added to your driving licence could result in higher insurance premiums. This potentially means that you will have to pay a higher fee every month.

Insurance companies view speeding drivers to be quite a risk on the road. This is because they assume that speeding drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident.

You’re likely to pay a higher premium regardless of how safe you feel while you’re a driving quickly. If the law states that you’re driving too fast then insurance companies will have the same opinion.

If you end up being banned from driving you may find that it adversely affects future insurance policies. You could, therefore, end up paying a very high premium if you wish to drive once your ban has been lifted.

Adding More Points to Your Licence

If adding 6 points to your driving licence means you’ll have at least 12 points you can be banned. This is unless you can show that you’ll face exceptional hardship if you cannot drive.

Additionally, if you can prove that you were not in the wrong your specialist speeding solicitor may get you off a ban.

If you were caught by a police officer or a speed camera travelling at over 140 miles per hour you may be charged with dangerous driving.

Your solicitor will need to be aware of the speed you were travelling at so they can fight your case. You will need to mention why you were speeding and if there were any extenuating circumstances behind your speeding.

If you are not sure who was driving your vehicle on the days of the offence you may need legal representation. However, if you can prove that it was not you who was driving you may have to prove that someone else was.

Should You Hire Speeding Solicitors?

Speeding solicitors will know what evidence they’ll need to present to the court if you’ve been caught speeding . However, you may not. This is why you should always consider hiring a speeding solicitor to help you. If you’re not sure whether you need legal representation you may want to ask a solicitor.

A solicitor can potentially help you to navigate the world of law and its relevant minefields. If you choose to represent yourself you may feel lost. You could also find yourself unable to answer questions that a magistrates puts to you.

Book a free consultation and talk with a solicitor you find trustworthy. They will help you understand whether your case is likely to end up in court or you’ll simply end up with a notice of intended prosecution.