Speeding Lawyer UK

If you have allegedly been caught speeding you might want the help of a speeding lawyer UK. The good news is that here at Drive Protect, we have a team of speeding offence solicitors who can help.

Did you know that speeding lawyers have seen more motorists treated as if they were criminals? this is due to the recent changes in motoring law. If you have received a speeding ticket and a fixed penalty you might want the help of a speeding lawyer.

Speeding lawyers work with drivers who could face a driving ban, used mobile phones behind the wheel, or are caught breaking speed limits. They are also happy to work with anyone who thinks they have received a speeding ticket when they shouldn’t have.

A speeding lawyer will take a look at your case to determine whether you have been caught by a speed camera or a police officer. They will also look to see if you should have been charged with speeding.

If they think you should not have been charged with speeding they will tell the court why. Your lawyer will show the court any evidence they think is relevant to your case in order to help reduce the charges.

Speeding Law

When you visit your lawyer or speak to them over the telephone that will advise you as to what you should do next. If they don’t think you have a case they might suggest you take a speed awareness course or pay the fixed fee.

However, if it looks like you could lose your driving licence they might be able to fight in your corner. This is the case if they think the loss of your licence could affect your day to day life.

Please note, every case is different and will have different outcomes. Your lawyer will take a look at your case and determine what they can do to help you.

Facing a Disqualification or Ban?

If you are facing a disqualification or ban from driving you might have a penalty point or 3 to 6 added to your licence. If these extra points mean you are over the limit of 12 penalty points you could lose your licence.

You could be faced with a ban that lasts for a 3 year period or longer. However, the length of the ban will depend on your case and your driving record.

If you were to face exceptional hardship if you lost your licence you might be able to avoid it. However, this is never guaranteed as it will depend on your case.

Getting the Help of a Lawyer

If you are facing a speeding fine, you might want to hire one of our lawyers. If you have received a speeding ticket you might not necessarily need the help of one of our speeding lawyers.

For those who need to keep their licence and dread the thought of a driving ban you should always seek the help of a lawyer. This is because representing yourself could be a bad idea.

If you are not familiar with British speeding law, you could find yourself in a complicated situation. The court will seek to find you guilty of the speed alleged to have been driven at.

The magistrate’s court will not take too kindly to anyone who does not understand the law. In fact, they will look quite unfavourably on you.

It is, therefore, in your interest to make sure you either know UK driving law or you have a speeding lawyer representing you. A speeding lawyer can speak to the court on your behalf about the road traffic incident and they can present your case efficiently.

Drive Protect’s Lawyers

Did you know that Drive Protect’s lawyers have managed to get the police to accept a course for drivers? The police had not offered the driver a chance to attend a speed awareness course.

Our lawyers convinced the police to offer the driver the course rather than an alternative. This is how good Drive Protect’s lawyers are.

They can help you with your case and they might be able to reduce your risk of receiving a speeding charge or a fine.

Should you Hire a Lawyer?

It is entirely up to you whether you would like to hire a lawyer. If you have received a speeding ticket it might not be necessary to hire a lawyer.

Putting yourself at a disadvantage in court by representing yourself could not bode well for you. This is especially the case if you were drink driving or you were driving well in excess of the speed limit

Having a speeding lawyer UK there to represent you is the best way forward. However, this is not always the case.

Let’s imagine you’re about to face a driving ban. If you don’t use your motor vehicle for work or to help your family get around you might not need a lawyer.

This is because hiring a lawyer could be expensive, especially if there’s a chance you will lose your case. If you need a speeding lawyer, call Drive Protect today. We can help you speak to lawyers who could help you with your case.