Are Speeding Lawyers “good guys” or “bad guys”?

Are Speeding Lawyers “good guys” or “bad guys”?

Dear All,

DriveProtect has been running for 10 Years this month!

During that time I’ve met a lot of speeding lawyers

Lawyers are one of those professions that people love to hate. I must confess that I used to dislike them myself…

From a young age it’s been presented to us in the mainstream media that lawyers are a drain on society.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was “binge watching” a — really good — series on Netflix called Criminal.

In one of the episodes, the lawyer was portrayed as a bumbling idiot, and in another the solicitor was characterised as a sociopath who would do anything to get a murderer off the hook (my memory is a little foggy but that was the gist).

When I thought about it, it was really clear to me that throughout my life, lawyers have been portrayed as parasites who are who are basically mercenaries for hire by any criminal, no matter how despicable!

I remember thinking when we were considering setting up DriveProtect “oh no, that means I’m going to have to deal with LAWYERS!”.

It’s frightening how brainwashed we can become over time, without even realising it’s happening! At that time I’d barely ever met a solicitor, but there I was making judgements about them based on the conditioning I’d received throughout my life!

Well, after 10 years “in the business” I can tell you that most speeding lawyers I’ve met are actually really nice people

Think about it — they HELP us fight back against the Government when they decide to attack us!

Many of them are pretty funny off the record and have proudly told me of how they’ve helped people who’ve been persecuted by the Police over speeding “offences”.

It’s true that good lawyers charge a lot of money. But did you know that the majority of that money goes to the legal firm they work for, and not to them directly?

Most lawyers just earn a normal salary like in any other profession.

I think there is a misconception that all lawyers are psychopathic leeches on society who are in it for the big money they supposedly earn.

My experience has been very different to that.

Yes, some have slightly big egos, others can be a little abrupt, and some don’t suffer fools.

But aren’t these traits all of us have to one degree or another?

I can tell you honestly that in my experience, lawyers — and speeding lawyers in particular — are really decent people who help people fight back against the immorality of the Government and Police who persecute us.

Over the last decade, my mind has been changed :-)

All the best,



  1. Rev D R Witts

    I am sure they are nice chaps (or chappess) but they still charge a lot compared to other profesionals!

  2. Rod Tyrrell-Price

    Speeding in appropriate road conditions is not a problem. Very few incidents are called by exceeding the limit (3 – 5%) according to DfT

  3. Dave Dibble

    I believe that the police used fill in an accident report and one of the questions was “Is the incident speed related?” logical answer if someone hit someone of something else they could not stop in time therefore speed was a factor. This does not mean exceeding the speed limit just being too fast for the conditions and environment at that time!!!

  4. Allan Ford

    Police in America and Australia have the attitude that there is no such thing as an accident.
    If you rear end in Australia you are ticketed for failing to stop short. The problem I have with lawyers is if they are prosecuting the law is Black and White, but if they are defending there are a million shades of grey.
    Speed does not kill, the inappropriate use of speed kills.

  5. Tony MINNS

    Reading about malpractice and incompetence by Highways England traffic control operators, my recent experiences on the M25 with variable speed limits give me the impression that even the competent and safe driver will eventually get caught out by these clowns. I have recently passed a gantry with 2 lanes posted at 40 mph and lane three posted as the national speed limit. By the time any ticket arrives the dash-cam footage has been over-wiped. Yes, we need lawyers to redress the balance.

  6. Paul Hulme

    I used to work in a crown court meeting probably many hundreds of solicitors and barristers, most of whom are great people, however, there are some who are pompous and think they are above the law and can be quite nasty people. Luckily they are just a few. The good majority are just doing a job to their best ability.

  7. Thingy

    In general, all professions will have the odd bad apple. If, and I do say if, you have dealings with a bad professional, it may just be your fault on how you treat them.
    They make the effort to carry out the work you employ them to do.
    Off subject, suggest to all, change the memory card if you think something happened that might come back and bite you. I keep mine for 3 months plus.

  8. Phil Johns

    “It’s true that good lawyers charge a lot of money. But did you know that the majority of that money goes to the legal firm they work for, and not to them directly”?

    This would account for the Solicitor just up the road from where I live, in a suburban part of the south West, being able to afford to run a brand new Bentley GT. That’s a hell of a lot of red beans & rice to pay for that Adam.

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