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The consensus is overwhelming…

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Well, it seems the consensus is overwhelming… As of a few moments ago, 96.65% of BTST Members believe that the “war on the Motorist” did NOT end during the term of the last government. In fact over 50% of us think it’s got worse! (the poll is here) I have to say these results echo […]

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What do you think?

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The Government are this month rolling out a system where Motorists can enter their guilty or not guilty plea online when charged with “minor” motoring offences. It only relates to matters that go to court rather than the challenge of the NIP that we do for all DriveProtect Members to try to find any procedural […]

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Dangerous Speed Camera Gantries

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I know I’ve done a newsletter on this problem before at the start of September, but it really did hit me again over the weekend just how dangerous these overhead speed camera gantries are. I was driving up to Northampton on Saturday just after mid-day and the traffic was running just fine on the 4 […]

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Deviously Placed Mobile Speed Trap?

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Nottingham’s most profitable speed camera is a mobile camera van, which is located on The A52 “Clifton Boulevard”. The speed trap generated a whopping 4,815 speeding tickets last year… It operates in both directions of the 40mph dual carriageway. But here’s the thing… It’s conveniently located just at the end of an average speed camera […]

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Maximum Speeding Fines Set To Increase To £10,000?

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The maximum fine that can be imposed by magistrates for speeding is set to rise by up to 4 times under new proposals for England and Wales. Under the new proposal, the maximum fine for speeding would increase from £2500 to £10,000… Most offences that get heard in magistrates courts are subject to maximum fine […]

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New Stealth Speed Cameras – M25

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Last week, the conversion of the hard shoulder between Junction 5 and 7 on the M25 was completed. It’s aim is to reduce congestion on one of Europe’s busiest motorways. As part of the £129 million conversion, speed cameras have been introduced on the 20-mile stretch for the first time ever. BUT… The Highways Agency […]

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“The CCTV Traffic Wardens” (last night)

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Did you see “The CCTV Traffic Wardens” on Channel 4 last night? It was filmed in Bristol. Here were the most “interesting” bits… – The UK has the most expensive car parking in the world; – Last year councils handed out £270 Million in fines to drivers; – The camera car featured in the program […]

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Speeding fines increase to £90

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Speeding fines are set to rise by 50 per cent, from £60 to £90 under proposals unveiled by government ministers last week. Interestingly, the news appeared to be ‘buried’ by the media. Rather than the obvious headlines like the one to this blog (above), the press coverage I saw (which admittedly was not comprehensive because […]

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change in the law

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    Last month the Law in the UK changed in regards to people being able to claim back their costs if they are acquitted of Motoring charges. From October (last month) if you WIN your case: 1- You can now only claim back your costs at legal aid rates; 2- Only the accused can […]

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M62 JCT 29 & 30 fines cancelled!

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If you or anyone you know has been caughton the cameras between JCT 29 & 30 on the M62 and paid the fine, you should be able to claim the fine back and have the points removed due to what we have discovered. A DriveProtect Member (Peter Hall) recently received TWO tickets on this stretch […]

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